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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Party with engineers at Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan

  On Friday it was Melissa's turn to invite us over. Usually they have good parties at KTH student housing and we did not have to be disappointed. Can't remember my way back home, but I came there with a boy, so great success.
Who? When? Why? Where? It actually doesn't matter, because this picture makes me laugh hard:

Everything started so innocent:

If they offer you true German beer, you will not refuse:

Cultures around the world - we were discussing India and Pakistan relations alongside with moslem life in Stockholm:

Arrr, arrr Halloween is everywhere:

Then Ott , Lucas and Filippo came. 
Intoxicated much?:

One moment we went upstairs to a Halloween party, to where we weren't invited. We crashed in, broke a few things, put our music on and jumped around. Then we left as misteriously as we arrived: 

Wrist pumping:

Ott and his hat:

Fierce dancers and a nose:

We killed the sign. It was a cold-hearted murder:

Like the bus-driver said to drunken Sven one day "Drunk people are not sexy people, remember it."
We proved him wrong:

I like to make him laugh:

Others, who didn't know us:

The train:

Friday makes us happy:

Estonians now good dance-moves:

Then we said goodbye to Melissa and Michael. We thought we are going home, but near KTH there was a party that we could not resist. Party crash nr 2:

"Who are these guys?"
It's good they did not call the police, we tried to annoy all the girls there: 

Me at Östermalstorg. The last zip. Vagabond commercial. Can't remember:

Monday, October 29, 2012

Day out around Stockholm

I feel like a proper local here, which means I seldom go through Centralen, mainly I try to avoid that place as much as possible. But on Friday, I made an exception. The day looked like this: me trying on dresses and he approving/disapproving. Thrift stores. Warm cafe-house. In the evening Moderna Museet to where the Lidingö family also joined. 

Shameless self-portrait at Topshop.
 I tried to be too Petite and my lady-parts did not fit in, so the dress did not come home with me:

Next stop Monki. He is not that impressed:

Bright boy:

Thrift shop. For me it mean's clothes for him it means vinyls:

As you know weather is a wanker, some hot chocolate needed:

Ulla, Egon and Gösta trolled their friend Hans, like he has never been trolled before. It's good when you get a Facebook account and your friends are trying to find you more friends around Stockholm. That's love:

Stockholm underground is bloody amazing!:

On our way to Moderna museet I took this casual Royal Palace photo
 #tourist orgasm:

Proper modern art exhibition - deer, cockatoo, VAGINA (bigger than others, the whole wall was covered), guns, Lady Gaga etc:   

Caroline is like WTF:

Lady Gaga (Ian *fap*fap*fap*):

French girls really like to smoke:

I would like my lips to glow in the dark:

First it was a mess, then there was swastica:

Quiet Thursday a.k.a. Estonians together

After my Chivalry in the Middle Ages lecture on Thursday, my weekend started. As there were more Estonians in Stockholm than usual, we invited Melissa and Ott to have dinner with us. Of course my Lidingö family was there as well. Little drinky, little verivorst. Good old.

The Belgian, the Italian, the Polish and ze German:

My camera and I, we both are shitty, so one moment we had a fight and it turned black-and-white. Let's just pretend than it all happened intentionally:

Ott is talking about how big fish he had caught:


Melissa is not that impressed, even though Michael promised to build a car for her:

Last week half of my housemates were on a cruise to Tallinn, so the table was full of Estonian goods:

When even Sven is smiling it's a good party:

Trying to copy Melissa's million Sek smile:

Group pictures - connecting people:

Ott went away and we finished our classes and enjoyed the company:

In the end I felt like flying and jumping on beds. Yes, a good party indeed:

Saturday, October 27, 2012

How to Dress Well at Färgfabriken

On Wednesday a special someone came from London to visit me and in the evening we had a very special event to go to - How to Dress Well at Färgfabriken. I had bought the early-bird tickets, sadly my other friends had not and the event was sold out, thus I had a romantic date with the special boy only. The room was full of candles, so it fitted quite nicely. And maybe my question was answered - how to dress well, then?
Cold nights demand for proper warm-up 
(probably one of the best ciders in Sweden):

Sometimes I have a staring competition with my tits:

"If I would be a lesbian" moments:

Next alcohol recommendation - probably the best Australian wine:  

My personal DJ-boy in the ray of light:

To dress well, you need to buy these How to Dress Well shirts:

 How to Dress Well sounds on the records like his voice is heavily processed, but bloody hell, he actually sounds like that in real life:

Violins and people sitting on chairs and clapping, classy as fuck:

Probably the best musical-orgasm I have had:

Probably the most romantic date I have ever been to:

OMG - jummel trummel: