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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Totside jõulud / Holiday lasses

My girls and I got carried away celebrating Christmas and it seems like we prematurely welcomed New Year as well. The glamour was excessively overflowing and some outstanding
 powerpoint presentations were made. 

Remember folks: You don't have to be anti-man to be a pro-woman! 

The moment you fiercely try to get it off, 
however the girls just giggle without helping you:

We have the looks, we have the brains and we know what we deserve:

Always bring your own sunshine:

"If he asks some breasts and legs, then send him to KFC"

When the dress suits perfectly and the cocktail tastes good:

You can always detect the pimp by their wide smile
and usually people around them aren't that happy:

Spot the rabbit:

We are female.
FE = iron
male = man
Therefore we are iron man:

"Alright, tell me again, how big your dick is" - said no one ever:

Big or small,
we love them all!
(boobs rule!):


♡ Clitoris 

Thursday, December 21, 2017

TKG reunion

This post is heavily overdue.
10 years had pasted by from our middle school graduation, therefore we had a small gathering in July to remember the good old awkward times.
Warning! This post turned up to be a marathon one, so bare with me.
(All the complaints will not be considered. 
Please just face the fucking fact that past will always hunt you down)

Here are some of my classmates back in a day:

Badminton was is bitchin':

Not sure if Rate.ee was already a thing back then,
but we were surely warming up for it:

Somewhere in the 6th (?) grade we were rocking the red look:

Actually we had a dance routine. 
I do not want to brag, but we were like Kopli Champions:

6th grade was, like, so overwhelming:

Spring time made us happy:

The little Italy fan waves goodbye:

He grabbed things, he broke thinks, he threw things out of the window, 
he basically liked things a lot:

Well, well, well:

Maybe we already encountered with intoxicating beverages:

Breaks between classes were boring and needed some entertainment:


That moment when you see a naked female body for the first time:

We went to an art school, so we didn't deal with basic stuff.
We were poppin' some leather:

69...because I knew so much about it:

99% of the time we were in the toilet making deep pictures (reidilax):

It's cool, we cool:

The opening of Viru centre changed my life:

Occasional reidilax between these pictures:

I did not get the memo that Woodstock was over
and was a damn hippy:

This is like 8th (?) grade
and the opposite sex started to fascinate us:

We were all in the same boat and captain was showing the course:

Trying to figure our if there's any Cactus Gin left:

He came, he conquered:

This picture illustrates the teenage years,
you are jumping around and trying not to step into pile of shit.
However you fail every time:

I guess supporting Italy was a thing back then:

The attraction towards opposite sex became stronger and stronger:

You might say that I did not have ordinary pictures up on Rate.ee:

Excuse me, but the 14 year old me was pretty hot:

Our dance routines became sexier and sexier, even Mom couldn't stop us:

Yepp, I had a "Drinking team" sweater 
and was dreaming about this cute boy:

The sport results we did back then, can never be repeated.
We were on the top, after that came fast decline:

Vadim was the king of the jungle:

That moment when boobs start to grow:

We were far from driving licence, however this did not stop us cruising around:

Vegetarian was not an option back then:

We did not choose the ghetto life,
ghetto life chose us:

We were teenagers, but looked like Golden Girls:

Kopli before it was cool:


Sometimes life got complicated:

Hating the home ed class was a must:

Sometimes we were friends,
sometimes we were worst enemies:

Trying to find the right track in life:

Our class was rocking hard, Guns N'Roses was our God:

In the 9th grade mistakes were made, like cutting fringe.
What didn't anyone stop me?!

Some bones were broken:

Some sexual education on a napkin was shown by the teacher:

The parties were wild:

Teenage dirtbags:

Blurry times:

Fast noodles + cheapest booze = good to go:

It's not a wig,
I was very blessed with hair growth:

Suddenly we were 16 and graduated:

Take me down to the Paradise City:

Now, year 2017 six of us got together and smoked a (now) legal cigarette:

I'm truly happy that 50% of these people are still super close and ready to do stupid things with me:


Until we meet again: