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Monday, August 20, 2018

Circus tour in Croatia

It is a bit embarrassing to admit that we fully embraced the "tourist concept" in Croatia. That said, we put in the hard work of laying outside for several hours doing nothing and that lasted 7 days in a row. Sleep-eat-beach-eat-swim-and-repeat.

Some say that temperatures above 25 degrees makes them feel like a fat 80 year old who is on their way to hell. I, on the other hand, enjoy fully that my hands and legs are actually warm, so you don't confuse them with dead person limbs.

Croatia was positively surprising. It was enjoyably cheap and there's not a lot of countries where Estonians can say that. The mix of Mediterranean and Slavic was one fine cocktail.

The wind told the palm tree to hold onto its nuts
for it's going to be a regular blow job:

Clothes were really overrated,
which needed the state interference:

Just wondering how to get skin cancer the fastest way:

We stayed nearby Split, which was an old port city of Ancient Rome.
For me it felt like I fell into the Age of Empires reality:

Also, we had to find the Game of Thrones sets
so we could pretend that we are Gods of Tits and Wine:

Stay classy,
sassy and a bit
bad assy:

Bitches love pebbles:

Beach was like 100 metres from our home,
so we stayed there like 97% of our time:

The olives for our martinis:

Tries to avoid looking like a tourist...fails miserably.
Awkward hat ✓
pale skin ✓
spirit of the ocean ✓

The view from our balcony was not too shabby:

The test results came back positive,
I am now officially a basic bitch:

Vacation boy on his daily bakery – corner-shop – beach route:

The Fanta tree:

The only downhill in life that I actually enjoyed:

The older the Berry, the sweeter the juice:

Croatia = good excuse for not wearing any clothes: 

Almost wine but not quite yet:

The moment when shit happens to other people not you:

I don't hate him as much as I hate others:

Croatian octopus salad and grilled shrimps made him think:

Mister Crab going home from work:

The August sky and neighbouring islands:

Refreshing my armpits:

The visual side of my out-of-office email:

*insert sexist joke here*

10 elephants fit on a boat,
11 skirmishers don't (so he went to a bar):

Let's make that starfish pose, because I have no other ideas:

Split glory:

Even Jesus needs a vacation:

I usually don't give out my friends phone numbers
but her boyfriend refuses to marry her, so we need a plan B:

The sweet breakfast:

It's called "find a ladder and do some Vogue"
look it up:

I did not know that the picture was taken:

Under the butt nut hut:

Our home for 7 days:

I spy with my little eye a slight suntan:

Brain freeze is a valuable currency:

That moment when I realised that "stressed" spelled backwards is "desserts".
I have turned it around!

Wilma and Fred in Croatia:

So you are trying to tell me that we have to fly back home...

...ok bye! I want to ignore winter this year:

Somehow Fred got me on that plane and we went back to the motherland:

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Karl 70

There is a reason why most of my blogposts about Karl's birthday are under password. He, one of my dearest friends, is just the best kept secret that I simply do not want to share. 

The reckless late-night journeys and risky drinking habits we have shared – let's just say that we do got some swagger. All the show aside, he is most genuine, caring and utterly sweet human being there is. 

The regularity of our meet-ups are reducing year by year, 
however our love stays the same:

"Today we are charming, witty and elegant" they said:

"Erase the last sentence and let's B-R-A-V-U-H-U-H-H-U-U-R!"

His charm is contagious and there's no vaccine to prevent it:

That moment when I, yet again, forgot my husbands name for two weeks:

First time ever she had the famous Karl's birthday pasta salad
and she liked it: