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Friday, July 29, 2022

Ilveste pidu

Our Noah's Arc got an honourable addition, 
since Ottomar Tammik is now a married man.

My outfit of the day – curtain with useful pockets:

The Lynx Festival:

Ottomar's dad conducted the ceremony brilliantly.
Alas, Fred and I got a special mentioning how our secret wedding killed O's bank account
and hindered him from flying to Berlin to get some worthy cuddles. Apologies!

Tying the knot, quite literally:

Like a boss, arrives with his own chair that he made himself:


Two married couples and the ones that live in sin:

My very humble approach of not stealing the thunder from my friends:

Tip for future weddings
Instead of making ladies catch the bouquet, make the gentlemen sweat over the champagne cork
(very disappointed in Erik's performance, only protecting his crotch at all cost): 

The family dinner:

That sneaky "I love disco balls" face:

Did the summer even happen 
if one does not take couple pictures on a field?

"I'm sorry that my crotch is more important that marriage with you":

Pärna has flashbacks of his own wedding and what happened nine months after:

The oriGINal beauties:

Playing hard to get:

DJs rehearsing their set behind the barn:

The perfect light makes us younger:

Life in plastic, it's fantastic
You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere:

DJs rehearsing their set behind the decks:

And then I sang "You’re Beautiful" and took my clothes off as James Blunt did:

The happy couple was even happier that I kept my clothes on during the speech

"KIBEEEE" and we were pressured into kissing in front of many many people.
My fingers are doing the talking:

Limbo = the goal is, at all cost, NOT to spill the drink:

The DJs were on fire:

One Nummi a day keeps doctor away:

The midnight ritual, the peasants burned some manors:

Sending away the maiden name:

Long live the married couple and Ärtu:

Saturday, July 02, 2022

When Iceland meets Estonia = ♥♥♥

Relationships connect people who would probably never meet – 
the enrichment by in-laws.

In addition to Ukraine, Fred's clan has lovesome relation with Iceland (starting from yesterday).

Lengi lifi sætu læknar!

Pebbles Fredsdottir stayed at home so that parents could have some glamorous fun:



Beautiful genes run in that family:

Doctors that take care of each other's hearts:

This fabric deserves fan air flow:

Spotting Icelanders was easy because of their height
(except Estonian Priit who clearly had some viking roots):

The perks of Estonia (and Iceland) – running randomly into familiar faces.
The Mauritzdottirs:

The doggo that couldn't care less:

The beauty and the grace:

The band of youthful gentlemen kept us on our feet:

The tropical summer haze and cold-cold-cold beer:

The cool kid squad from where I'm banned:

Contacting the weather god and praying for some colder temperatures:

The joyful little sister:

Still the most seductive act is when the evening gets colder
and he puts his jacket on my shoulders:

Waltzing through life together:

Honoured to be invited to love festival.
Til hamingju!