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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Refreshing myself with Vanja + Bye-bye Ian

All the important stuff has been said and now comes super mega mix.
Before heading to Positivus, I had some days and nights together with Vanja, Ian and Reggie. 

Maybe my mind is 'to the left, to the left', 
but it is silly how sexual a pink bicycle can be:

Vanja is the king of ciders:

I am sure he is still not satisfied with the outcome:

Prosta Glamour on a park bench:  

He is moving now to Gröningen, but this picture will be on his wall to remind the good old days:

"I'm a bird, I'm a plane, I'm a choo-choo train"
Tallinn Town Hall at its glory:

Everybody's leaving Estonia and moving away. Whatevs, see if I care *cries a little*.
Now it's Ian's turn to go to London and study hard. Find a job, buy three dogs and get rich.

"Mmm, the last breath of homeland":

Luckily all living abroad will come back for the summer.
Miss Amsterdam and Miss Copenhagen:

The young and the restless:

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Espirit's graduation.

Finally we have reached the point where I can share my Mister's graduation pictures
A cheerful day of celebrating a massive student loan, hoping the masters degree will be done free of charge at home or together in Sweden . Han måste praktisera sin svenska att köpa köttbullar från IKEA.
On a serious note I am really happy for/with him. 

My sound engineer. 
BSc in Music Technology:

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Picnic at Hampstead Heat with a Dj, a stripper and a blogger + tourist mom

I would rather split this post into three, but new film-rolls are waiting and we got no time to waste. Chokeberries are almost ripe, which means the autumn is here. Winter! Panic! Džiižaš! 

On Sunday we went to Hampstead Heat with Ella and Missy to sunbathe 
and talk about serious life matters like anal sex. 
Whatever floats our boats. And let me just say our boats were rocking quite amusingly.

Clapham Junction.
The whole Estonia has as much rail as seen on this picture. 

Ella actually knows how the camera works, not like me who has no clue what those numbers and symbols on my camera-screen are. Therefore I'll direct you once again to her blog

My Mister is using his Jedi Force in order not to look at Missy's bum. 
Her pretty bum has even its own webpage:

I just peed in the nettles, drenched in joy:

"Don't touch my levels" and meow:

Swedish sider - where it should be.
 (paneb rinna rõkkama):

When we are together it's like Wild West. Shooting everywhere:

The one thing I miss the most in London is nature. 
But became almost satisfied that day:

The next day we just went loco with shopping. 
I should make now 'Outfits of the day' pictures like Estonian bloggers do. It just amazes me how proud they are over their Primark shit. Yes, it's cheap. No fuzz.  

We took mom to Monki and Cheap Monday 
(she thought the last one is a store, which has a sale and low-prices on Mondays. 
And it was Monday then):

Phonica Records we trust. 
When other couples write on wedding invitations 
"Gift should fit in an envelope" then ours would say "Gift should fit in a vinyl sleeve." :

The tummy must be full of jummy, otherwise the city fucks you sideways:


He came. I stayed. Although everything else is the same:

Only thinking about Bubbles in Ab Fab

Tired of shopping, let's go home:

Modern Tate:

Suits and Ties - they are everywhere:

One occasion I forgot my camera home and only pictures we have are digital. 
Here you are, I present to you in silence Hampton Court:

Monday, July 22, 2013

Arriving to London for the almighty graduation.

Three years ago I had too little talent and nerves to get into Lavakas, the ultimate drama school. After receiving the news I remember walking down from Toompea surprisingly without a single tear. I guess there was no time for crying, I had to come up with a plan B for life, since I did not have a ultimate good idea in the back-drawer with a sign "Open in a case of emergency".  Luckily I was like really really in love that time. I mean seriously. I thought Four Tet "There Is a Love in You" was the story of my life. Oh, the life in 2010.

When he was telling me that he would like to go to university in England, then I was like "Cool, man, whatever." Later on a decision was made in a hurry, even without the necessary thought, because one day like 3AM at Hell Hunt I said "I guess, I have to come with you." At the same time trying to look cool as fuck, but actually I was scared and screaming "MOMMY!" in my head.
 Phew, now we know that in ended well, because it could have gone oh-so-shitty.

A lot of years and numerous moving later, we took a journey to London via Frankfurt in the beginning of July to see him graduating. The first and last school day together, like a bouss!
It was an awesome trip. Compared to our usual choice yellow-blue airline, which has a slogan "You are going to hate it or love it, but we are going to get you there!", then our trip was like flying with Aladin's magic carpet. Yes that "Zuuuupahh!" The most exciting thing now is that I can link my blog once again with Ella's, like good old times. Therefore look at this blogging connection and more cool stories about our trip in London and life in general, I present to you:

tl;dr - don't worry, I never bothered reading long texts on internet either.

First things must be done first. 
After arriving and putting our suitcase away, we took the bus to Hipstershire to meet up Ella
(ps! send me Whittard, my favourite tea):

The Drunk Girls being united again. 
I still think our song "Shish Kebab" is the most underrated tune there is. 

The mad rad scientist look. 
(Actually let's not forget the Mademoiselle also graduated. Writing for the media like a badass now) 

The next day we took Kaur's mother on a museum trip. 
V&A, Science and Tate Modern - awesomeness for free and also takes swag off from all the museums in Estonia.

I have to build a tower in my garden, so I would get freshly squeezed orange juice for my vodka cocktail.

Family Kask (ps. not related with the diidžei Kazk)

  During our stay heatwave crashed London and it was constantly 30ºC, 
therefore I could not show my sunburned cheek and holding my armpits down to avoid sharing the ecstasy smell:

Paul, old mate of mine:

With the high temperature, these busses turned into Boiler Room, literally:

The mouth is holding itself back from not jumping into delicious food. 
(All the M&S food court in Estonia has is wine, I wonder why...):

If other Londoners buy drugs and vinyls then I just bought prawn cocktail and Buck's Fizz,
 life's good:

South Bank is bubblelicious:

Thanks to tides and the fact that Thames had vaporised I found this place to sit:
 then my camera fell down with a bang and a lot of fixing was in order,
but 'to be continued' 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Last one before London.

Basically I could now write 'Sisters, cake and garden dwarf' and everything would be covered. That's that.

When I come back from Positivus festival, I'll start posting pictures of London. I guess I have talked about it too much, but it really was a big thing, that my boyfriend graduated. Besides he being legally smart now, it marks the end of our long distance relationshit. Feels weird. Very weird. I would like to say 'Toodle-oo!' to Ryanair and long Skype calls, but how could I when Ella, Erik, Laura are still too far away. And now Ian is moving. *cries a little*
Let's end this before it gets really emotional. I'll go now downstairs and make myself 'Woman balance' tea that Charlie gave me as a present. Works like a charm. 

Kuntu Sisters:

My so called mother-in-law had a birthday and I made a cake:

I get full satisfactory of touching my own hands:

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kuru Pre-Plirr at Kultuurikatla Aed

Our friends are throwing this festival called Kuru Plirr, actually at first it was Kuru Krill, but because of too much drama it changed. Yes, the alternative music scene in Estonia is like TeleNovela - tears, brothers turning out to be mothers, basically all that shit. Anyways the festival is rather relaxing, you can see it yourself by checking some flashbacks of the first and the second Krill Plirr. 

Since good stuff tends to pass by rather quickly, then few weeks ago Kuru was extended by Pre-Plirr. Trying not to brag here, but my Mister (Espirit) properly heated up the place, hence I had an urge to have a bagful of panties, so I could just throw them at him. 

 J.E.M.M. is jamming:

Since I do not have a smartphone, I cannot make an Instagram account, which is rather important,
because it is really difficult to stalk my friends without it.
Luckily Mihkel made me an account and that night we posted my second ever insta picture. 
Oh, all the filters and all the likes!:

"Well, I really don't want to kiss you" and the other one is thinking about her dog:

Times were much easier, when he did just DJ sets,
but now we need a truck to deliver all the magic-music-gadgets at the party:

Too concentrated, cannot see kissing children:

Ott has a new phone:

Melissa is showing the direction. It could go either way:

The girl wants to have Kaur's babies:

One random hispter from Dalston was lost in space:

"One wet booty coming up!":

In the end we're all happy (even when Hagi does not show up):