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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Ian's homecoming

I swear if my memory would be any worse, I could plan my own surprise party. However, let's talk about another party, that...like...happened in August. Once Ian sent me flowers day after my birthday with a note "I fucked up". Honey, now it's my turn to send you the flowers. 

Today I will make amends and let's enjoy some memories from August, when Ian was home and I had a pink shimmer on my skin that I call suntan:

Casually sneaking away from others to make some timer pictures, 
since we are just so damn pretty that it would be ridiculous to
waste all that beauty. #humble:

A Russian, an Armenian, a Norwegian and an Estonian walked into a bar 
and said "KAWAIIII!":

The most photoshoots and posing I have ever done
has happened at Ian's house. I mean, Müürivahe brings out the model in me:

Strike a pose,
everybody Vogue!:

Performing the "Hetero to the max" act:

We had to walk like 10 steps from Ian's house to a restaurant.
We were all so exhausted, next time we will take a taxi:

That moment, when you remember that you have no money in the bank:

I always focus on wrong things
and I do not notice the greatness that lays just in front of me:

This picture has summer smell.
I miss that:

Straight from London with wicked tunes:

Wilma, Annie, Nigel and K is behind the camera:

"No, I do not want to come to your dog's birthday party, freak.
My cat is getting married that weekend!":

Maybe some deals were made that some pictures would not see daylight,
however August was long time ago and my memory is not the best:

*Let's end with a random picture, when we tried to create a winter feeling during summer. 
And now it is bloody winter and I am desperately trying to create summer feeling.

I miss Ian.
I miss Ella.
I miss summer.
Fuck my life now.

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Big lights will inspire you in New York

Last week I got a magical chance to bite once again the Big Apple. This time I had a bit bigger bit to chew on, since I was there on a working trip. No bullshit, I love my job and I love New York.

The city was my office. Not too shabby:

I tried to flatter myself after 14 hour trip
that gave me designer bags under my eyes:

Face down, ass up,
that's the way
I like to jump into my hotel bed after a long day:

We conquered the colourful streets with my travel companion:

Warm socks will make the autumn go away:

The people of New York:


Wilma Circus tour is trying to visit ALL the & Other Stories stores in the world:

Tipping makes my head ache.
Tax not showing on the price-signs is just messy.
But this is America!

GOING WILD! The tea lover in me only drinks coffee once a year,
but I just had to try the pumpkin spice latte, which was my second cup of coffee in 2018.
 USA + Halloween + pumpkin spice + caffeine = I was high as a kite: 

Fashion alert! In the upcoming season the bag should be as big as you, 
so you could live there when the weather gets tough:

Jeremy Scott in the building
(I pinched myself, but it was really happening):

An American and an European talking about how 
pigeons are like in every country despite the climate. 
What's up with that?

It's called football not soccer, look it up:

That moment when you are scared to wake up 
to only realise that your pillow is wet from your drool and it all was only a dream:

It's showtime!

The lovers of RuPaul Drag Race...

Naomi Campbell walked by and temperatures rose:

Big city vibes are messing with my head:

The cars there are ridiculously "Let's make America great again" styled:

Last time in New York I skipped the Brooklyn Bridge,
so I had to make amends:

The awkward selfie that I took in the middle of crowded Brooklyn Bridge:

Sadly I had to take my "Wilma loves Fred" lock back home with me:

Can we just take a moment and embrace the Whole Foods Market,
generally pleasing for people with OCD:

After few days of glamorous life on Manhattan, we moved with my colleagues to Brooklyn
and lived our champagne lifestyle with Mõmmi lemonade budget:

The awesome PR team, my superwomen:

I am so grateful that my colleagues listened my lunatic recommendation
to have the best pancakes there is. I tested them out last time and 
I have had wet dreams about them since then. Big up for Five Leaves!:

It's all about the honeycomb butter at the top, 
that will be minute on your lips and lifetime on your hips.
Honeycomb Butter:
(8 3/4oz Unsalted Butter, Softened 3 1/2oz Sugar Honeycomb, Crushed 2 tbsp Honey):

Probably the last breakfast outside before the long winter,
let's just enjoy the moment:

New York has "shut up and take my money" shopping vibes:

My company took over New York with a fashion storm:

Concrete jungle at its finest:

American squirrel has bigger balls and he asked for a tip as well:

"Got nuts, bro?!"

I will now sit down and be humble
to be given this chance to be there: