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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Wilma Circus in February

Here's me throughout February. 
Be ready for 28 different fat jokes. 

1st of February
The day I found out that Fred's clothes fit me perfectly. 
I highlighted the outfit with luxurious accessory called 'the noodle pillow':

2nd of February
Made an independent choice to wear heels that day.
Mistakes were made and "Quick, make a photo, before I die" was shouted:

3rd of February
How to make me clean the apartment?
Put me to places where I cannot leave on my own and you'll see miracles:

4th of February
The mattress is bleeding from pain: 

5th of February
Boardgames, guests from other households and staying up past midnight.
Living my life dangerously!:

6th of February
Doggo is worried about my bloated belly.

7th of February
I just puked a minute before,
so I ate the pain away with pancakes:

8th of February
Exploit the systems as much as you can!
I exploited my 80€ dental benefit and felt pretty fly:

9th of February
Blame the overweight on the ruffles:

10th of February
-20 degrees and +10 kilos:

 11th of February
No alcohol, no problem:

12th of February
The glamour happened next to the toilet seat:

13th of February
I am proud over the amount of semlas I have eaten in 2021:

14th of February
Spent my Valentine's Day with the BESTEST BOYE:

15th of February
Giving some extra spin to my basic everyday life:

16th of February
On that day I was so done with being preggo.
I wish I could say that the left one is "after" and the right one is "before",
unfortunately it is other way around:

17th of February
Life is full of endless struggles,
but one day you will find the hairdresser you like:

18th of February
Day full of podcast recording and ridiculous minus degrees.
Basic Wilma wished she could be the sleeping beauty:

19th of February
Met up with my ex-collegues and once again got the confirmation
 that I might change companies, but I simply cannot find more awesome coworker than they were:

20th of February
Day full of sweet nothing:

21st of February
Hospital gowns are very trendy in 2021:

22nd of February
This one picture per day truly pays off, since days like these
(where I want to die from discharge of bodily fluids)
I have proof that I survived and next day was better:

23rd of February
Family celebrations as my brother announced having a kid as well.
We are truly giving our grandparents reasons to live now:

24th of February
Independence day needs a fancier breakfast:

25th of February
Business on the top, pyjama pants at the bottom.
My outfits are framed by the amount you see on Zoom call:

26th of February
Looking at all the clothes that I cannot fit into:

27th of February
Before another lockdown we took our ass to museum and a restaurant.
This is me dressed up? Do you even see the difference?:

28th of February
Tried to be as sexy as Kenza,
but still looked like Tinky Winky:

Extra 500
The fat jokes never get old. 
Yes, I would like to fit into my clothes. Yes, I would like to have less pain in my feet.
In the end of the day it is rather cool what my body is capable of (with the help of science):