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Monday, June 10, 2019

Labour or lovin'! Mini G-force

At first it was amazing when somebody threw their birthday at McDonald's, yet with age the idea of quality party changed. Then it was all about cheap booze and even cheaper fast noodles, but luckily enough that chapter ended as well, after starting to earn enough money to buy 10 minute noodles and middle class corner-shop piss. Now we are at the peak of our lives with people getting married and having sex without protection! WHAT A MOMENT TO BE ALIVE! 
Next big parties will be our funeral, oh the cycle of life!

Jokes aside, my dear friend G made a baby. Like fully made him from scratch and that is like n + 1 amount of grown-up points! We fully welcomed the new quality party – making-a-human celebration:

There comes an age when you start appreciating food way more than you ever thought:

Not your ordinary gender reveal party:

This game included different women's faces.
You had to guess if they are orgasming (lovin') or giving birth (labour).
Yes, G got "MAX POINTS":

Hello, baby!
(and my dog did not have a stiff willy and I did not Photoshop it away)

Everybody now knows that she has had sex!

Few weeks later we spent the last time "washing dirty laundry" just three of us:

Because next time mini G-force joined us.
Welcome, baby!:

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Everything not saved will be lost – Berlin & Foals

Foals is our favourite band together with Fred. Oddly enough, even our engagement bracelets had a quote from Foals' lyrics. Such. Much. Fangirl. Also, the lead-singer Yannis is my "get out of jail free" card, which means I can sleep with him and Fred cannot get mad (he would totally high five me for that). Yes, this is the base of a healthy relationship.

We flew out to Berlin to see Foals live for the forth time and I promise that there will be many more, because everything not saved will be lost.

Berlin greeted us with warm weather,
so it was really nice to sweat again after long winter:

We found a speak easy, but sadly it wasn't what we expected:

Last days as a 27 years old:

Cheap good drinks and warm hazy summer evening:

First bare legs of 2019:


We moshed, we jumped, we exchanged sweat.
It was amazing!:

That day my fashion inspiration was an orange:

Fred is working for one electric bicycle company based in Berlin,
so I finally could keep up with Fred's speed:

We cycled though insane amount of kilometres,
so we had to get some fuel:

I was the fastest gun in Texas:

I was proudly labelled:

Academic research shows that riding a bicycle makes you more awesome
than the general population:

In cheap random food we trust:

And Berlin photo-booth pictures are a must:

I have no more flight tickets booked for this year and surprisingly I am fine with it,
he keeps me entertained:

Sunday, May 26, 2019

28th time around the sun

This week was my 28th time around the sun anniversary. As we arrived back from Berlin during the same time, it was my wish to keep it humble and spend the day a home. The age does matter, since never did I thought that it would be so pleasing to put together IKEA bed that I bought myself for my birthday. Yes, I thought that that would be the peak moment of my birthday. 

However, Fred had planned differently. 
He told me to put on my best dress and brush my teeth, because he was tired of being my Instagram husband and booked a professional photoshoot session with Merilin Mandel as my birthday present. 
*ok, bye. died from happiness* 

She made me feel so beautiful. We had so much fun. She delivered these photos so fast and it was so difficult pick the best ones. This experience was so worth putting on my graduation dress (please act really surprised one month from now, when you see this dress again)

Also, my Fred is my centre if I spin away.
Aitäh, kalla!

The photoshoot location was very "us" as well,
this is the place where Šarik has made many poops and there's many to come:

That day 28th years ago my Mom gave birth to me in a car.
Still makes me giggle:

That moment when you try to smell your breath,
but fail to diagnose it every time:

Yes, this dress is H&M (Conscious Exclusive).
Yes, I love it:

I have heard that after certain age it is only downhill:

I am intelligent, gifted and beautiful woman
and I do my best to maximise my special abilities.
(before my master thesis I was unable to say it out loud. now I can)

Mustamäe or Weirwood at Winterfell?

Me: trying to suffocate him with love
He: trying to print out those divorce papers

Yes, I have big feet,
but no storm can take me down:

caps lock happy:

28 degrees and no cloud in sight,
this is how 22th of May has to look like:

My prettiest angle is when my face is not showing:

5 seconds later I fell on my face:

The ants biting my ass gave me this very profound face:

Wishing for...

...legalised cannabis:

Your usual chilling-in-the-forest-with-fancy-dress-on moment:

Chasing stars my boys:

Adopt, don't shop:

What's cooking, good-looking?:

Lean mean fart machine, Šarik:

While we were running someone was clapping,
but it was just my tights cheering me:

Never too old for a good love-bite:

My back is full of weird hokey pokey marks:

Šarik saw a squirrel.
"Ok, bye!":

The whole family after that bloody squirrel:

Let me just push my finger into your buttearhole: 

I have had the same emergency contact person since I was 18
and I married that goofy boy. Well played, Wilma!:


One of the best birthday presents I have ever received, 
so yet again Fred is winning the "Boyfriend of the year" award (no one else is even trying).
I can only praise Merilin Mandel! She made me feel good, she was super quick 
and the pictures are mic drop quality. Thank you!