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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Wilma Circus in October 2022

A month full of beautiful reunions.

1st of October
Daytime reunion:

1st of October continues
Look at this bloody bloggers.
The Castle of Fashion and Wilma Circus reunited again:

1st of October still continues
Toilet mirrors bring out the best of us:

2nd of October
Buy a king size bed and still use the 50cm of it:

3rd of October
Your usual kitchen stretch:

4th of October
Couch potato autumn edition:

5th of October
I know exactly why there's no 9th of August,
but 5th of October probably got erased with no reason.
I fucked up:

6th of October
Hello darkness, my old friend.
Goodbye vitamin D, see ya in 6 months again:

7th of October
First PTA meeting at the kindergarten,
serious mom look downloaded:

7th of October continues
A day for just Wilma and Fred,

8th of October
My mind is telling me yoga,
my body is telling me NO-ga:

9th of October
Congratulation, we now wake up at the time 
I used to go to sleep on Saturday: 

10th October
Raspberries in October,
 the global warming is scary shit:

10th of October continues
Pumpkin spice latte girls:

11th of October
Libistan sussi:

12th of October
A day of me-me-me-me and me.
Eating alone (on purpose) is a bliss:

13th of October
Birthmark surgical removal gave me a little high,
so I became fast and furious (in my mind):

14th of October
Date night means I take my Chloé bag out to play:

15th of October
"I'm very sorry mama, I never meant to hurt you,
but tonight I'm cleaning out my closet":

16th of October
Should I cut my fringe, that is the question:

17th of October

17th of October

18th of October
Someone's pissed:

19th of October
Yes, I cut my fringe.
Yes, we at IKEA again:

20th of October
POV when you're my kid:

21st of October
I'm not always Vogue, sometimes I'm Humpty Dumpty:

22nd of October
Darude - Sandstorm

23rd of October
I'm having technical difficulties with my attitude:

24th of October
Knock-knock! Who's there?

25th of October
Salty water and AOE:

26th of October
You're having fun at the stock market,
we're just buying berries at the ordinary market:

27th of October
When you're enthusiastically introducing life,
but she's not having it:

28th of October
Collection Of Style:

28th of October continues
The pretty lady had a birthday party
so I didn't see the AK that evening:

29th of October
The art of doing nothing:

30th of October
Theatre evening with the mother-in-law:

31st of October
Halloween spin:

Friday, September 30, 2022

Wilma Circus in September 2022

With a delay, here is the Circus Tour in September

1st of September

2nd of September
Sleeping kid, working hubby and tonnes of shit in the back:

3rd of September
Moomin cartoon and "Breathe in, breathe out"

4th of September
Frozen veggies and loose candy – the nutrition role-model:

5th of September
"I'm doing yoga, right?" 

6th of September
The helmet keeps the doctor away:

7th of September
The hetero cringe in the woods:

8th of September
Proper IKEA store opened in Estonia and we now live there.

9th of September
Fred was sad that we went to IKEA without him, so we fixed it:

10th of September
Anonymous Mom Group: 

11th of September
Seafood pasta is our battery filler:

12th of September
Supergirls just fly:

13th of September
The coolest kids on the parking lot:

14th of September
Taking the lift alone:

15th of September A
The walker and the pooper:

15th of September B
That sports bra and fancy skirt kinda ending of the day:

16th of September
Sometimes lose, always win:

17th of September
The family portrait:

18th of September
Wilma Circus dress rental & friends club:

19th of September
A day for the history books.
Funeral of the Queen Elizabeth II and the first day of gym for Wilma:

20th of September
"Quick, no time to grab the camera, let's make a quick phone selfie":

21st of September
The gloves ruined our camouflage: 

23nd of September

23rd of September
Never forget that Golden Girl Blanche Elizabeth Devereaux initials were BED:

24th of September
Without the pictures of golden leaves autumn didn't happen:

25th of September
The dinner is served:

26th of September
On a hunt to find horse chestnuts.
Important goals in life:

27th of September
Inflation ripped my pants:

28th of September
The gang of orbikud ja torbikud:

29th of September
"Age of Empires used to have 13 civilisations" 
"Ok, grandma, let's get you to bed":

30th of September
Being in workout clothes counts as workout: