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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Snowdrops are in bloom. Sunglasses are needed.

Actually I should write my bachelor thesis, however I rather use blogging as a fine proscrastination tool. If my thesis would be a blog post, I would nail it. 
So here comes random pictures of me having fun instead of getting smart (I am really good at it btw).

Are you butt dialling?
Because I am sure that ass is calling me:

 "Have you ever had a feeling that your head is a ball and it keeps on bouncing and bouncing?"

Goodbye small talk, goodbye awkward polite conversations, goodbye having to remember new names. 
Now that we have found each other, we can stop meeting new people. 
Our Dutch Ott and us:

A guy just comes in and ruins perfectly fine food picture.
How rude:

The only colour I need in my life:

I was brushing my teeth and suddenly...
 ...humpback whale!

When Sollentuna family was really glad and baked a cake to celebrate Ewoudje moving out.
They were like really glad to get rid of him.

This harmless guy broke the shower at his moving out party and trashed the place before he said goodbye. 
I applaud him, since you always should leave with a bang!

The Slovak is handling the lyrics word by word:

You think you are a Alicia Keys but that what actually comes out of your month is so-so Off Key
 (no reason to smile):

Living our Champagne lifestyle with low budget
and celebrating Estonia Independence Day. 

The tears of joy, when this lovely gentleman picks you up after a long day at work just to take you to Maxx to have the most unhealthiest dinner ever.

Sometimes when I have too much money,
I go to a very posh place at Östermalm and order just a glass of lemonade with my girl.
Livin la vida loca!:

It is bloody amazing to meet people are all around the world 
and it is nice to be able to ask them silly questions.
Like my friend from Down Under has to tell me tales about crocodiles and snakes at 2am.
Here we are happy that nothing in Stockholm wants to eat us:

Fred goes to gym every other day and snowboarding on Saturdays (!).
He also eats pizza that is bigger than our IKEA table:

Finally the spring is here. Snowdrops are in bloom. Sunglasses are needed.
Soon I have to buy sunscreen. 

Afro-Swedish pride:

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Five star home. Cray cray va-cay-cay.

Two weeks ago I went to Estonia for a quick visit, since Fred has been to Estonia every month, it was damn time for me to get some homeland pampering. I love Fred, but it is oh-my-lord-how-lovely to sleep alone in my big bed like a starfish. 

The celebration of Shrove Tuesday. 
My tummy said "Yummy" and my fat just clapped:

The bliss = quality tea + vintage Chloé ads + cheap prices on the menu:

Little smoothie, herring and girl-talk:

Took my 13year old dog to a restaurant and she acted like a lady.
She got her own bowl and everything:

"Dogs that behave good are always welcome":

The source of considerable mirth = walk in the park with my Tibi:

Years go by and I am still so jealous of her eyelashes
(could you wear more scarves?):

Brush your teeth until you have them:

My bestfriend is a Robo-Cop:


I have here few pictures, when Fred was in Tallinn a week before I was. 
He took our Dutch friend to the East side and he liked it (or he is just polite enough to lie):

Salmon parliament:

Onion towers:

The Japanese tourist who only has two fingers:

Our ministers, 
also know as penis power:

The red Black Mountain:

Who know me better can give me a slow clap, since I took the boat all by myself.
I cried. I watched Õnne 13. I cried again. I panicked. I slept and I was home.
Cheers to that! 
(see that I took with me tonnes of my favourite lemonade instead of alcohol. 
no booze cruise yet lemonade ferry.)

Here is a stupid Swedish song that I cannot get out of my head:

Sunday, February 14, 2016

My Stockholm routine

This year we took out the analog cameras and put the digital one on the shelf. 
Here's my daily routine in pictures.
Eat, sleep and repeat. 

Feels so warm, although the reality is so cold.
(Also I am a big girl, but still in-toeing):

The previous picture-Wilma made this picture. 
(I suggest a drinking game, you drink a vodka shot every time word 'picture' is mentioned in this post):

I hold my breath until maximum outcome is reached:

I just noticed that Stockholm Town Hall looks very oriental:

Busy bees going home/to work:

Fighting the winter depression with good food, 
there's nothing a little fat can't fix:

That moment when a gentleman was waiting for his Tinder date:

My store,
there I do monki business:

My colleagues like to do selfies as much as I do:

People with slight or enormous winter depression.
We all have it:

Once a week I spend my fabulous time in the laundry house
and try to wash my sins away:

2h fun:

I died and went to heaven:

At home I have this ghetto boy:

My face is dead-white, my morning robe is depressing grey
however my shower curtain is on acid: 

I watched Estonian Eurovision yesterday night and fell in love.
So proud of Eesti Laul concept, please vote buy this guy's album and support him, because wow!

Monday, February 08, 2016

My Fred

Yet again another list post with old pictures. At the moment I am in Estonia and all my filmrolls are being processed, so the outcome will be seen the end of the week. Since Valentine's day is very in this week then I wanted to show how awesome my best friend Fred is. My intentions is not to rub it in that I have relationship, however just to write everything down before I forget (have you seen 'The Notebook'?).

1. How long have you been together?
Okou, next month or so it will be six years, basically PhD.
(we can be pretty...

...and we can be different kind of pretty)

2. How did you meet?
We met in 2007 when we became classmates. Sadly we didn't hang in the same gang and weren't even in the same language group (the class was divided in half) so I don't remember him that much. I do recall that he wore dead ugly sandals, however I was too hipster hippie to notice so practical and down-to-earth gentleman like him.
(this is a picture of a class party, we weren't together then however it seems like Fred would like to kiss me there)

3. Who initiated the flirting?
I guess it was mutual. We started hanging out more in 2009/2010. I was newly single and he was playing records at nightclubs, thus it was rather smooth way to create a friendship. Of course big thanks to our friend Ott, who dragged me to all these kind of club nights and later on invited us on a cruise to Sweden, where Fred and I officially started flirting.
(the picture from that cruise. love sponsored by Tallink)

4. Did the relationship start smoothly? 
Yes, I would say that. We were single and ready to mingle. It was spring time, the school was almost over, it was great time to get the romance train going.
(The picture of the graduation ball. 
We weren't officially a couple, yet we ditched all our friends just to look at the starts together.)

5. What moment did you know for sure that you were together?
We skipped the awkward "Do you want to be my boyfriend?" part and instead I asked Fred if he would like me to kiss only him now on and he said yes.
(awkward threesome)

6. Do you live together?
Yes we do. After I failed to get into acting school, I followed him to England, so we became housemates just after 6 months together. It could have gone either way, but I am glad it worked out fine.
(my birthday in 2011 and the theme was Royal Circus. 
I add a little crazy to him and he makes me more practical, perfect combo)

(we have been together since I was 18)

7. His best qualities?
He is down-to-earth. He is the best teacher and remains calm despite
how hysteric or emotional I can be. He is caring. He is funny. He is smart. He is hot.
(he taught me to drive! he never gives up, although I give up 10000 times)

8. But his worst?
That he does not think that he has all these above qualities.
(I like you so much better when you're naked)

9. What disagreements do you have, what do you fight over?
As I have borderline OCD and he is a normal person, then I nag about tidiness. I love when books are in height order or teabags are colour coordinated. I know, it is so silly and I am sorry that he has to put up with that. He is actually so clean and the best cook. SORRY, hon.

10. What's the greatest gift he has given you?
His love...öak...NO! I'm not going to be that sleazy. Actually it was pretty cool when he made a song inspired by me and greeted me on radio. (fast forward to 5:19)

11. How do you spend your girlfriend-boyfriend time?
We like to play computer games together, like DOTA and Battlefield, in other words we like to kill. Also we can lay on the bed and talk hours and hours, or laugh at unusual fart sounds. We like theatre and travelling, but that needs more money than we have at the moment.
(us in Hungary, the best just-two-of-us trip)

(note to self - Budapest should be our honeymoon destination)

(us in Amsterdam, first time we were high together)

(us in England, a very important chapter in our life)

12.Why him?
Because we suit together. I like that we are not that annoying couple (or I hope we aren't that), we can hang with our friends without kissing and smooching all the time. We are normal people, who love each other.

(one night stand with extra nights)

(it is awesome to camp together! to hold each other, when wild boars are running around our tent)

(he is my centre if I spin away)

(he is my medicine for PMS)

(he is awesome)

(locked between my legs)

(he makes me fly high)

(kiss-kiss bang-bang)

Advice? I have none. Be single. Be in a relationship. Don't compare yourself with others, just do whatever you want. The love will struck you whenever you least expect it, or at least until the next Tinder date.