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Saturday, February 09, 2019

Wilma's style diary part 2 a.k.a. 2007–2013

We discussed jokingly with my friends on how our style has evolved during our lifetime.
 It made me think. It made me open the dusty archives. It gave me a laugh. 
Therefore, I present to you
Wilma's style diary 20072013

CHAPTER FIVE 2007-2009
New school / hippie dies / eclectic style

We were left off at my secondary school graduation, 
which was followed by trip to Sweden with my two friends. We shopped until we dropped.
I was very happy about that 25 EEK YSL bag that I bought from Balti Jaam:

Then I went to a new school and had to tone down the hippie inside me. 
I did not want to follow my fellow schoolmates' style, which was dull and full of Guess clothes,
so I turned completely black:

Black dresses. Black blouses. Black trousers.
And I still was called the most outrageous dresser at school (yes, that dull they were):

Luckily I do not have embarrassing fashion past with pink tops...oh...wait...:

With my first touchable-screen phone calling for a fashion help:

Running desperately around and trying to find my personal style:

Those scarves were so 00's:

Year 2008 I went to Moscow.
Fake Ray-Bans and a top that had T-Lo original painting on was my favourite piece (one of a kind):

In 2008 I visited my first Chloé store,
so I went to heaven for a second there (sadly, without money):

During summer my hippie came out again.
Old embroidered blouse from grandmothers closet, random knit from Zara
and very wide cut flare trousers
(also the locations is rather glamorous for underage drinking):

Nothing special to see here, move on:

Then I found a new accessory for my face:

I spend some time on my back (with Topshop bargain clothes):

I slowly but surely drifted away from pants:

2009 I became 18 and pierced my ears straight away.
So my earring game was on:

As I spent my time in Stockholm so often, I lived at Topshop (retail not the TV store):

I was hunting those sale products like crazy and turned my back on second hand:

I only did my shopping in Stockholm, as it was my other home.
But in 2009 I had a boyfriend and started shopping for him (feminist, roar now!),
so Topshop turned into Topman:

Our relationship was dangerous and I started to found the "sexiness" in me:

2009 I enter 12th grade and gave less fucks,
so I mixed my previous hippie style with Topshop/Ginatricot finds:

Grandmother's closet was still my source of inspiration:

Thank god, that I had the freedom to express myself without restrictions.
When I wanted to be a bunny, I became a bunny:

When I wanted to put a wedding dress on (adding some wool socks, because why not),
 then I just did it:

CHAPTER SIX 2009-2010
Becoming 18 / sexy short tight partywear

In the end of 2009 I was single again and celebrated with this Chanel shirt 
that I found at second-hand store in Stockholm:

Got to wear borrowed dress from Hõng, so my broke ass self screamed happily inside:

2010 I became a woman with capital W.
I was sexy and I wanted to express that:

Also, I started dating this handsome guy.
Couples that shop lederhosen together, will eventually get married and live happily ever after:

Skirts went tighter and shorter,
but I have to admit that my body was on fire:

Since partying was a hight priority,
then my wardrobe was full of glitter:

God bless zero glasses or even frames without any lenses:

During 2009-2010 I did not own any pair of pants:

The nails were always painted and vision was often very blurry:

Look at my fake Chanel blazer look going on,
I was so into bang for a buck:

Yes, this is the first and last time I wore leopard:

In Estonia there weren't any places to shop. Only like Seppälä and Kaubamaja.
So I did not need only second hand, but I needed SUPER second hand:

Our graduation ball together with my new companion:

The colour TEAL ran the show: my hat, my eyelashes, his bowtie. 
Very suitable and pretty for a "coming out the closet" event:

Then came my high-school graduation and I am still very pleased with my dress. 
It's from Mango x Zuhair Murad designer collection:

Many years later it still has a special place in my wardrobe:

I was seriously mocking the blind with my 0-glasses:

Vintage blazer, big earnings and short skirt
also know as "My summer of 2010":

Big party accessories were a must:

Could eat as much as I wanted and still stay skinny.
Good times:

Difficult to find any pictures where I am NOT holding a bottle
(a bit of 80s vibe going on right here):

How many clothes I borrowed from Reggie?

2010 I went to Finland first time ever!
I finally became a basic white Estonian girl in the fitting room of H&M:

Haapsalu resortwear S/S 2010:

That hat from H&M Divided was my everything:

Ian's mother closet was my Vogue:

Party never stopped:

Moving to the UK / Turning into posh Henrietta, who owns 33 ponies

In 2010 autumn we moved to England
and boyfriend style was very in:

Also, subscription to Vogue magazine was so cheap!:

Suddenly I had all the shopping possibilities around me.
I lived in fitting rooms:

My Chloé love continued, I drooled behind their store window.
Also, hello trench coat!:

Hairpieces and random shoots at home was so beginning of 2011:

The Henrietta of Chelsea just chilling at home:

In England Ebay was my best friend,
so second hand stores moved online and made shopping so much easier:

The era of Hipsters and massive bow ties:

Sometimes it is difficult to explain stuff,
but 1% of the time I looked like this:

And 99% of time I wore Fred's clothes and was so dressed down as possible:

The era of various patterned tights:

Living in England really influenced my style,
I though I belonged to the royal family:

My blog cover for very long time.
The year was 2011 and I have make-up on!:

Me and my buddies just chillin':

Top hats? Really?
Brought some British style to Estonia:

That tweed blazer was the key piece of 2011:

I never took it off, I just added different accessories:

Back then my friends were all bloody bloggers
and we had to make some content:

Fashion was our passion (Castle of Fashion and I):

The skirts were still short and the hat was still favourite:

My first fake Chloé arrived and I was the queen of the world:

Amsterdam vibes with pot and pot haircut:

Leggings, YAASSS!:

My 20th birthday and me trying desperately squeeze my tits together, so they would seem bigger:

The bra was always shown:

Sometimes I exchanged my wardrobe with my best friend:

London street style:

In England I also discovered Primark. *cringe*
Too cheap...too shady...how did those shoes cost 4 £???

I took dressing up very seriously:

Wilma and Reggie had a joint birthday party in 2011
with a theme "Fashion Circus":

When I wanted to party, then I really focused on sexy:

Loosening up / becoming more practical / moving to Tallinn and then to Stockholm

After years of short skirts and dresses
I finally covered up my legs:

The Kuru Krill style
aka festival ladies of 2011:

Years have passed, buy I still lived in the closet of Ian's mother.
Around that year Ian also game out of the closet. Finally!:

The fake me:

The real me:

Basic outfit always needed to be spiced up with some extra (headpiece, accessory):

Dressing up for phtotohoots has been my hobby since I was little:

2012 in Amsterdam I found Monki, so
I pushed sexy away and brought girly in:

I constantly looked like 14 years old:

I constantly flew to London to see Fred and the girls.
When everybody else were Dalston chic then I was this girl with the bunny knit:

When daughter tries on her momma's heels 
and is taken to the emergency room with broken bones:

I am never embarrassed. I never regret. 
But the era of eyeliner could have been erased from the history:

Stockholm was always my source of inspiration:

My 21th birthday and the only good thing that came out of that day
were those shoes that I sincerely love to this day:

Some thought I was funny and complimented my style,
but a lot of people thought I was a freak:

That H&M dress I miss so much.
Fred hated those dark lips, but no man is going to dictate what I wear (boom!):

Hey, I think it is necessary to take pictures from your body to look at when you are old and wrinkly. 
In 2012 we capture some memories with T-Lo (no ragretz!):

In 2012 I moved to Stockholm 
which gave me more confidence to wear whatever I wanted 
(although I have never had a problem with that):

Topshop knit + Monki dress + coloured lips = Wilma's fashion cocktail:

The clothes were not so tight anymore and I could even call them ovesize:

My Stockholm home was very girly, as was I:

Topshop was still my drug:

I just don't look at the camera,
I pose:

In Stockholm I really stood up with my
over the top colour game, half clown half teenager girl style:

In 2013 I bought my first pair of pants after years not owning any:

The most make-up I have ever worn:

Little black dress never goes out of style, 
so do not follow trends, be timeless:

Me and my homies in Liverpool.
Finally got some real prescription glasses:

Monki became my favourite store,
little did I know that I will be working there in years later:

Please buy this girl real Raybans, 
so she can stop wearing the fake ones:

My lips were coloured 24/7:

My dad's 90s shirt was my leisurewear:

2013 I moved back to Estonia and got a better camera.
A good decision was made – I finally started to grow my fringe out:

Kaur graduated and we looked all pretty:

I felt like a supermodel:

I could eat fashion for breakfast, lunch and dinner:

I will now finish this unbearable marathon post, since after 2013 it hits too close to home. I have to wait few years before my current style becomes worth revising. Until then I give you the last picture in 2013, when Fred and I went back to basic – back to 90s:

I have not really changed that much. I have had the balls to test shit out, be boring, be black, be colourful, be different every day of the week. 

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