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Friday, December 31, 2010

Silent night

Every day is not high-fashion-photo-shoot day. Before Old Blue's NYE party we took the time off and enjoyed spring weather.

There should be an island. Fog is fun:

Piret has ornithophobia:

Instead of lunch breaks they have tea pauses here:

If this is how Rochester looks like at ordinary night then what happens with fireworks?:

We come in peace and mulled wine:

Gawdon Bennet! Happy new year! Hope ter see yew in next year. Mkaaaay?


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Be my guest

The Circus World Tour took Ms.Piret to Rochester and I am no longer alone. She came from Iceland and is heading to Germany. Truly I am happy that she is here.

Why take pictures from food? Eat it. (please stop I-made-sushi-today-and-nom-nom campaign)
This time I made an exception to prove my Mister that I am eating again:

Evidence A: The Backpacker has arrived (no joke):

Oestrogen took over and we had a proper girl's night:

Goodbye timer and hello living-breathing models:

Beware! If you cross my doorstep I will shoot you with my camera:

She said that she's no good and can't pose. Relax and just do it:

Our farewell to Eesti Kroon. We cried:

Beware! I adore long dark hair. If you have it then you are more that welcome to visit my home:

Life has its ups and downs.
Photographer. Totally busted:


Oy Lord, would you buy me a pair of bigger boobs:

B-Irdy on the second floor as you see:

The Most Sensual Body Part Ever: back

Zara or H&M who cares! Baaaaaah glorious clothes!:


This animal came between me and ketchup:

Boyfriend style. Wear it with pride:


This morning a pot of boiling water fell on my feet and I have serious burns. No worries. Instead of crying I feel fabulous (as you see)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Goodbye Earth

It is not easy to stay away from drugs in the UK:

This is so dumb that there is no words to describe it. I started to draw again, because universities want to take a look at my portfolio that does not exist:

The art of wasting time:

Hating flowers right now:

Lately I have not eaten much:

Monday, December 27, 2010

Over and out

The Christmas is over and presents are unwrapped.
Peace and love:

Hope there are few gifts for me too somewhere, somehow.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry x PÄEV!

Merry Christmas, dear Mesikäpp and Kalevipoeg. Merry Christmas Mari Mölder. Merry Christmas a pair of gloves and a pair of socks. Merry Christmas Oh-so-many-Spices. Merry Christmas two Honeypots. Merry Christmas Sweets.

Merry Christmas Whatever You Are:

Oh, merry Christmas, new disco/holiday lights:

Too merry. Must kill. This is how we roll:

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All you need is that special R

You know it has been a while since I have seen you. I have lost count how many days it has been, but when I am with you once again those days won't mean a thing. You will be walking through my dreams and Skype. How deep is your faith in us? Makes sense? No. For me and Reggie it does. The journey has just begun. It won't be long. The daylight is hours away, I have to wait, but I CAN NOT! Me and R have something truly big ready in the oven. UUUUUUSSSSHH!

I am good with flowers and plants. They keep on dying and my home is becoming more and more romantic. Hot stuff:

Today was the day when R&S had another showcase in London. This time in Boiler Room. James and Arthur our favourite men were on. Poor girl in the UK could not go, but thank God for 21.century and streaming.
First glasses must be filled:

Took some extra:

Brushed my teeth and was ready for...:

...T H I S:

yooooouu, you got me going crazy, crazy, crazy.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Seriously I am trying to do my best not to complain. It is truly weird not to say a single word during your day. How this happened that my best friend is the lady working at Sainsbury's?

Theatre is always there to remind me that it exists:

The art of wasting time:

It is cold outside:

Christmas madness is knocking at the door:

Then they invented snow. WOW!:

Snow turns British people into monkeys:

After my present tenancy agreement comes to an end...:


Kwik-E-Mark has a Christmas Sale: