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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Jaan and Jaanika 2017 Hiiumaa edition.

Third time's a charm! I can now proudly confirm that going to Hiimaa for the Midsummer is our family's tradition. I first wrote 'New Year's Eve', but I can blame the alcohol fumes still left in my body after a proper weekend. Looking through these photos I got a tear in my eye, not sure if because I laughed so hard or because I got emotional being so blessed to have such quality friends around me.  

Alright, let me tell you about my Midsummer:
Previous memories of Hiiumaa:

 Ladies and gentlemen, my Fred cycled to Hiiumaa!
*everyone reading this must now stand up and do a slow-clap*
We, however, found an abandoned car at the harbour and 
fulfilled our lifelong dream to stand with our gang next to a car that has a bonnet open.

On the same day our host had received a masters degree
and a proper inauguration was in order:

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
who's the smartest of us all:

On Thursday evening I took an early beauty sleep, 
because I knew that the next day things can get ugly.

On Friday morning wolves and a tiger made a morning run:

Do you see the sea?

Not peeing, just being all cute and summery:

Vibu the Whippet was whipping us up with her speed:

This counts as the first swim of the year:

Moves like a dog, but looks like planet Saturn:

All the love stories started on a swing during Midsummer.
As traditions are to be carried on, we tried to find our future husbands and wives:

Ott is a trendsetter with his Hawaiian shirt with palm trees on it, 
I just followed that sexy beast.

Note to self: shitty weather on Midsummer's day is such a myth:

A girl sending men off to sea:

Girl being happy that her boy was left behind:

Safety first!:

And they were off to find their mermaids:

Summer kicks ass:

I read that you have to pick 9 different flowers, make a flower-crown out of them 
and that night you might see your future husband in your dreams.
Gosh, how I understood wrong!
The modern tradition tells to sleep with 9 different guys during Midsummer's Eve 
and then you will dream about your favourite flower:

World wide web:

*wishing for bigger boobs*

This boy is on fireeeeeeeeee:

Noppimata õied:


You can try as hard as you want,
but you have nothing against the coolest Grandpa:

Doggo & friends:

"Damn, those humans are so silly!":


A game named Mölkky was the highlight of the Midsummer.
Basically it's like Eurovision, you want to hit that 12 points hard:

When a meat hits the sky,
say to that piggy goodbye,
'cause that's amore!

Bright nights and wide smiles:

"So you're trying to tell me that you left 2 litres of Gin behind on the mainland??!

When it's 6am and you convince people to take you to the beach.
(ain't fooling anyone with this black and white filter, our noses and eyes were very much red):

You wiggled
and he jiggled:

Sõuan elumere lainetes:

When bees flit from flower to flower the nectar sticks to their legs. 
The phrase "bee's knees" means sweet and good, 
because the knees of the bee are where all the sweet, good stuff is collected. 

The true pirate of Hiiubbean:

The moment you realise that gravity is a bitch and the Earth is moving too fast,
 so you just want to step off:

The day after was rainy.
The day after was cloudy.
Dixit was the only cure:

Doggos before bros:

Pancake monster:

All the bitches on the backseat going back to Tallinn:

EAS Enterprise Estonia payed us a lot of money to make a video for "Visit Saaremaa Hiiumaa".
Money well spent:

Monday, June 19, 2017

My delayed birthday party

I can now safely say that approximately one month after the real date my birthday celebrations are finally over. 
I was pampered. I was loved. I was hugged. I was made so bloody happy. 
Like this picture below illustrates, I genuinely like to be in the spotlight and on birthdays I don't have to hide it.

The feeling we got after I admitted that I have gained some extra kilos:

With the support of my friends I can do anything!

Being a host is so much pressure! I forgot so many things, like to serve the ice-cream. DISASTER! It is always a real struggle to make everyone feel welcome. I forgot to check out the gifts and discovered lovely notes like three days later. I should have thanked more and hugged more. The gifts were ideal and I didn't even have to use my fake this-gift-is-so-awesome face, but actually thinking what-the-hell-am-I-going-to-do-with-this-crap (gifts like living hamster or a book What to Expect When You’re Expecting when you are just fat). 
My friends know me better than that or Fred gave them really good tips. AITÄH SÕBRAD!

G made a bitchin' cake.
I salute her!:

The Uber driver was waiting, the neighbours were watching,
but one does not leave from my birthday party without a picture:


My doors are open for early birds and later comers.
Come as you are:

Even cute Mister Squirrel dropped by.
First it was cute and all,
but now he is eating my plants and the friendship is over!

"She's not handling this 40 thing too well, is she? I mean, golly, I wish I could tell her it's no big deal. I had a ball on my 40th birthday. I felt really strong, really sorted-out about it. I realized what a lucky, wonderful person I was. And whether in your 30s or your 40s, you're still the same gorgeous person. 
Enjoy life!
-When will you be 50?
She hasn't started 50 therapy yet."