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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Wilma Circus in August 2021

Wilma, Fred and Pebbles were soaking in the last days of summer
And the term "Winter is coming" does not horrify us much 
(social life and therapy has lifted my mood).

1st of August
Real life Matryoshka dolls
(my kangaroo pouch is growing a baby phone):

2nd of August
Fred fell terrible ill (no corona) and was hotter than ever (40°C).
I didn't have time to dress up and was more tired than ever:

3rd of August
Mothers are basically part of a scientific experience to
prove that sleep, food and going to the toilet is not crucial part of human life:

4th of August
Fred felt better and life was like a walk in a park (literally):

5th of August
Faking confidence like I don't care about the strangers' looks when my baby is screaming:

6th of August
After taking care of two, I deserved some yummy in my tummy:

7th of August
Pebbles world tour continues as she is flying high
and making first impressions:

8th of August
Friends opened a new food stand, 
which gave me a good reason to ignore the fact that I'm overweight:

9th of August
So many clothes, so little that fits:

10th of August
Did something unheard of – I conquered my fears, packed up Pebbles and went to Tartu all alone.
Cheers for crazy ideas and good friends:

11th of August
Introducing Pebbles to strong female role models.
In a world of destiny's children be Beyonce:

12th of August
Tartu tour ended with grown-up points 500.
My deskmate and I, we both were now 30 and making new deskmates:

13th of August
On that day year before doctors made me pregnante. 
I celebrated with pump (the milk out) and dump (the baby).
(I love Pebbles, I love myself, I love my friends, I just need to continue my life not put it on pause):

14th of August
Look at this Mom having a social life.
My little brother from London, Gin Long Drink and I – that's our family:

15th of August
My mom took Pebbles, 
so Fred and I had passionate sex went to Kaubamaja to buy pots and pans:

16th of August
Since Oatly chocolate milk saved my life during labour,
it is my best friend, my hero:

17th of August
The international day of Ian,
birthday of the bestest guncle:

18th of August
I rested my eyelids for a second there:

19th of August
The evening mess:

20th of August
The right one's face obviously shows that she has less experience with babies.
Others have PhD faces:

20th of August continues
Never too adult for duckface:

21st of August
kirstus võib ka magada
aka stay-at-home-moms turned into boss-women-on-the-loose:

22nd of August
After all the socialising 
it's just nice to lay in the bed with fam:

23rd of August
Scared all the other customers away
so I could have a clean mirror selfie:

24th of August
It's the year of 30 and deskmates making tiny deskmates *(reference to 12th of August).
Vilja, Vilja – kunagi häärberis elada pole hilja:

25th of August
After all the socialising I enjoyed being the couch potato:

26th of August
"What happens when you don't use a condom" ad

27th of August
Hello Haapsalu, hello #bändisärgipäev:

28th of August
Tiny Haapsalu, looong walks, a lot of tea and cookies:

29th of August
Mirror, mirror on the wall
why do I look prettier here than in Tallinn?:

30th of August
Another day in (Crocs) paradise:

31st of August
The pooper Woofer arrived to Haapsalu,
so the hetero cringe is complete: