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Thursday, December 31, 2015

My 2015 from January to June

The year 2015 is almost over which means it's time for "Recaps" and "Best Ofs". Ready, set, go! Here is my 2015 from January to June.
(My previous recaps of years 2013 and 2014 are just below the header)

1. Year ago at Christmas I met up with my Theatre school mates. 
The emotional bond I have with these guys is indescribable - 
we have cried and puked together, we have laughed and travelled far and beyond (read:Moscow)...
oh, the memory lane. 
We are as different as the glasses on the table 
however that something inside connects us (literally and figuratively):

Oh, and we had snow last Christmas.:

Family Christmas dinner was like a scene from a movie:

A very special person is missing from the picture, 
Carlovich managed to find a girlfriend and skipped the family dinner. 
I really should photoshop him here.
Igatsen, kui näeme, siis teeme!

2. Now let's jump to New Year's Eve and the funeral of 2014. 
It was so rad! And I used the word 'rad' so that means something. 
We had fancy dinner at Ave's place, all dressed up and I even had little make-up(!) on:

Ignored some gravity:

I have such a fond memory of that night, even though I don't remember the latter part of it.
We were absolutely fabulous:

The food gave me orgasm:

Pussy problems:

New camera needed some testing and love was in the air:

Year started with a success.
I got my New Year's kiss from a complete hunk + 
later on I had more fun than should be allowed until early in the morning:

3. January was quiet and low-key.
It was very winter idyllic when we went to Rakvere, deep in the forest 
and played board games in this lovely house:

4. Theatre, my love.
I might seem primitive, but damn, how I love going to theatre.
Shitty play, good play, thrilling play, boring play - don't care, I just need it regularly.
(longing for Estonian theatre now while living in Sweden):

5. Džeišus, it is weird to see how winterly winter we had!
Spent time with my bestie:

And my other bestie.
In dogs I trust!:

6. A friend's surprise birthday party 
and it was quite refreshing to sit at the 'kids-table' again:

Safety first:

7. My boyfriend has a band and I am Yoko Ono.
My Mister and My Brother from another Mother took their band Tronden more seriously than ever:

8. The trip of the year. Copenhagen and Berlin.
 In February while Fred went on a ski-trip 
I packed my bags and took my last flight with Estonian Air:

In the same time Fred and his boyband went to Austria:

He had some fun, although Ott managed to fall quite badly.
Now when wounds have healed, it is really great story to tell every time there's an awkward silence
(On a Tinder date: "Wanna feel the metal inside my arm?"):

Since skiing and mountains aren't for me, I went on a separate trip on my own. 
We made a family tradition that every time Fred goes skiing, I will have a fun trip on my own.
 In the future he will take the kids also with him so that mommy could go trippin'.
This time the first destination was Copenhagen:

Big up to Aleksandra for hosting me!

Freetown Christiania:

Female hormones took over and I met Jessie Ware third time in my life:

No time to waste, next stop Germany:

Up and high:

Halloo, Berlin!

Year 2015 this lady decided to really-really move to Paris. 
So the year 2015 had sadly lack of Triin, which made the meet up in Berlin even more special. 
Also it was really great to exploit her Mister's bar tap:

Estonian girl in Berlin:

The grim past of Berlin left a mark in me.:



In Berlin I felt as free as a bird:

I might love Stockholm, I might love Tallinn, 
I might love travelling and I might not have not been to a lot of places,
but this I know for sure - Berlin made such a huge impact on me:

9. Back in Estonia I celebrated Valentine's day with my true love.
"Quick, put these things on, no time to explain.":

10. Penis was still in Austria and I continued to meet up with my Golden Girls: 

11. Clapped hard for Carlovich and Ester. 
Until I moved to Sweden I had seen their every play.

12. Surprise guests
My Italian Daniele came for a visit!:

Also Ella (who I see max twice a year) surprised me so that
I started crying and crawled under a blanket when she walked in.

13. Note to self - The older you get the better you get, unless you are a banana:

14. Then came March and snow started to melt away:

15. March has always a big celebration - Fred's birthday.
I gave him what turned out to be 'the best investment of 2015' - the board game of Game of Thrones:

Life back then was different - my only monthly expenses were 8€ bus ticket and 5€ phone bill,
hence taking my boyfriend out for a dinner and using money as napkins was easy breezy:

He became older and wiser that year:

March was the time to bring out the spring clothes,
I'm basically wearing a bikini here:

Days later we celebrated together with the Wise Council.

Also we celebrated our fifth year together.
Basically one night stand with bonus nights:

16. Every day was not full of celebrations, high heels and beautiful faces.
In reality I worked a lot and during my days off I rather watched TV in my pyjamas
or went to the nature with no people around.
(Winter had made my skin so white that I had to pinch myself to see if I am still alive):

17. Tallinn Music Week and Tronden:

In the end of March Fred and Ott were performing at TMW.
In 2015 Tronden took off their training wheels:

I cannot believe that 'the best drink of 2015' was non-alcoholic! I'm growing up!
In Berlin I met with Fritz lemonade and fell in love.
Lemonade Maffia:

18. April was busy at work.
So much hard work behind all this glamour:

It was bittersweet moment,
because around then Fred announced that he got into master's programme in Stockholm.
I just knew I had to go with and see what Sweden has to offer me,
yet it was difficult to leave Estonian life behind:

All plans changed. Everything needed recalculation.
Abort all travel plans, cancel all money spending, start to plan moving to Stockholm.

19. Kõik on uus 
I took a three week study leave and did an internship at a museum which was a mandatory subject at university.
Garment care turned into taking care of little lambs:

20. Viljandi Electronic Folk Festival.
Working at a museum gave me so much free time and I didn't have to work on weekends!
Totally new concept for me.
Fred and I visited his family in Viljandi and Electronic Folk festival:

Trad. Attack was my most listened Estonian band in 2015:

Estonian people going wild and moshing:

Enjoying the tropical weather:

21.The sky was so blue and grass was so green:

22. Family tradition in April - Horror Movie Festival in Haapsalu.
I just ignored Tallinn and tried to conquer ALL the small towns:

The most interesting party in 2015 - Techno Rave at Haapsalu Kuursaal.
The ghosts of the people who danced there in the 1920s and 1930s got some disturbance:

Walking home late at night, holding hands and kissing a beautiful gentleman.

23. More surprise guests.
Lost sons of Estonia found their way back home and Fred showed the skill of driving eyes closed:

24. Years go by and nothing changes - Ott is still a family member.

25. Mayflowers and my birthday showers.
Puffy sleepy-face is a must:

The best breakfast in the world:

New haircut and desperate attempt to make my boobs look bigger:

Birthday means a lot of photographs of me, myself and I. Sorry not sorry:

Few minutes from sunburn:

The prettiest I ever felt in 2015:

Well, for my birthday in 2014 my friends came me driving school money. 
One year later they seriously wanted to see the result of their investment.
(spoiler alert: the result came in August)

When you're a child there's only toys-toys-toys.
After that there's only boys-boys-boys:


We don't celebrate, we hate:


The morning after I got a great headache and a carton full of Fritz lemonade.
You lose, you win:

26. Eurovision at Käsmu. 
Actually it was in Vienna, but Käsmu had a nice TV and good company:

Remember the time when it does not get dark outside?
And remember this big ladies, singing about peace, love and happiness?
No? I thought so.:

27. Snow was completely gone...

...yet allergies were so in:

23. In May I got to give my voice to Inside Out Estonian version.
The coolest movie and job ever.:

24. We ate so much Japanese food in 2015:

25. In June Eero von Finland came for a visit.
We did not waste any time and went straight to buy booze and cigarettes.
Patsy taking a walk at Kadriorg:

26. Testing out Ott's new human bowl.
The most relaxing experience of 2015;

We showed the cute Italian the sauna life.
While we thought it was super warm outside, then in Italy it is called winter:

After sauna, enjoying the Sun and listening the squirrels poop in the forest:

27. In June I had my last day at work.
It was so so sad to put my resignation letter on the table,
new adventures in Stockholm awaited:

I took the summer off and worked at the museum I did my internship in April. Super lebo.
However the last open house event I took part in I gave 220%:

Big up for H&M PR team.
Thank you for having me:

28. My best friend starred in a movie.
The big breakthrough of 2015:

We watched the premier of it together with the Golden Girls:

Friend so long, stool so needed:

Aeg kaob, rõõmud jäävad:

29. Summer brings all the boys to the yard.
Ian was around from London and I ate purple balls:

He has this picture on his Tinder profile.
How do I know that? Ian matched with my friend in Stockholm airport 
and my friend told me that I was in Tinder. #trying new stuff

30. Top 5 drunkest nights of 2015.

Because Beyonce was there:

My lil bro has the warmest hugs:

*the memory card was not inserted*

Tomorrow my 2015 from July to December,