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Monday, September 30, 2013

Haššš & Emmm

Trying to avoid being a blabbermouth here, but I guess there's no fuzz anymore - I am working at H&M. Totally keeping myself close to Swedish mentality. In the matter of fact I applied for the job while still living in Stockholm. The idea of working at Lidingö H&M overgrew to Tallinn. Who would have known. Living on the edddge!
When I told my families, whom I babysat for, about my plans then after few tears and dissuasion (not at all trying to show here how awesome nanny I was) my boss/mother said "Jag skulle satsa på H&M som ger antagligen fler möjligheter för dig och du får tillfälle att klättra i hierarkin. Min bästa kompis arbetar där. Bara KÖR!" - True story, I say. That woman knew what she was talking about.
Now I will show you the opening madness or at least bits of it I managed to capture. 

Here is the big meeting before the VIP opening.
 Looks like we are at a funeral, however once you go black you never go back.

"To the battlefield!"


When you push it on a stick and serve it in small pieces, then everything seems more appealing: 

I got lost in the sea of managers:

Ze ladies:

Rocca Rolla:

Lips, the same colour as H&M sign, were almost mandatory:

Since the opening was a very finicky job, I stole some pictures from Caroline Sada and Stellarium:

The line up and I quote one radio show "Is this a beauty competition?":

Ladies and gentlemen. The proof that I was there:

Surprise, surprise I found the most pictures of these shiny people.
I managed to get them quite intoxicated, I hope, since they were the last one leaving/standing.
Good night it was:

Of course a little glass before we go-go.
We so deserved it:

Two days later the grand opening.

The story of our lives:

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Our religious group - Coco Loco Sugar Loops

As you have already understood I am little cuckoo and to be fair - all my closest friends are. We only obey the highest powers and strongest beverages. Few of us have establish a stronghold of insanity, let's call it Coco Loco Sugar Loops. The headquarters are near Stockmann and our slogan is "You're my centre if I spin away" (a lot of spinning involved)

Our spiritual sister went on a pilgrimage and came home with the highest knowledge - the secret of Russian Cocaine (does not included drugs):

Our prayer starts with words
 "Hands up! 
Baby, hands up! 
Gimmie you heart, 
gimmie gimmie your heart!":

Our rituals included us sitting is special pattern and the one, who is nearest to crisps will have a massive spiritual stomach pain.
No pain, no game 
(here we try to make Estonia win over the Netherlands):

And then...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Little Samuel and his support group.

In the end of August we spontaneously invited friends over to celebrate our new bookcase, by that reason we wanted to call the party 'Narnia'. Everything changed when our friends in Liverpool gave us the notice "IT'S TIME!", not just time for liquid lunch, but to welcome a baby to this world. 
*insert emotional words here and multiply them with 100*
Little Samuel's support group was hopeful and cheerful:

Misters were spending time like in Ancient Greece:

Pedro likes to smell beautiful woman.
Awkwardly inappropriate: 

My last Circus cups from Sweden. 
I wash them. I love them. They are all I have:

Meowlin works as a printmaker in Paris, 
therefore she is checking out the quality of our bed print

From this point on girls just wanted to have fun 
and once again I would like to thank the massive sound system in our bedroom. 
Best for Spice Girls:

Gingers avoid the heartless bitch - gravity:

"Mi amor, te quiero"
The sexual tension was high:

A lot of giving birth and baby stories later, we ended in front of the TV. We saw night-chat program with a host called Carmen. People called in and asked "So, do you have a cock in your pants". Primitive yet amusing (Story of my life):
We woke up with a message that a star is born. 
It all made me teary, and I am so so so so so happy for Erik and Laura - first ones to make through digivolution. Mind-blown.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

My mellow side.

Today starts autumn and it's the first day I put the heater on. Otherwise I am totally in my every day routine, which is not bad at all. It's exciting to be a big girl. Oh, Õnne 13 new episodes are on. BLISS! 
The only sad moment was when I started to invite my friends to a FB event and I could only click on two faces, since "Abroad", "Away", "Oh, she is not here". A trip around the world would be in order. 

Meanwhile I present you my mellow side. 
Please meet dog called Tibi (Chick in Estonian). My dad brought her home on a motorbike without telling me what was under his jacket. Since I was 12 it was the happiest day of my life. To this moment she is the most intelligent creature I know - she once even help me with my math homework:

Sipsik came into our family few weeks after Tibi did.
 Every time you call her name, she will answer with a short "Meow", also she likes to walk on two paws and she sleeps with you the whole night through:

We had a little family reunion few weeks ago. Four children running around - coco loco sugar loops:

 Like his sisters, he will start to speak Estonian, Russian and Ukrainian fluently by the age of three.
(I have wasted my life away)

Well, we have pets and family covered, now it's time for romance.

We have been together since I was 18, however our understanding of quality time includes endless walks in the forest and mushrooms.


verb /ˈmʌʃ.ruːm/ /-rʊm/
to increase very quickly:

I still remember while I went picking mushrooms in Sweden (they have shitloads of them), made the best sauce afterwards. The whole student housing came knocking on my door telling that they have heard I did something crazy and ACTUALLY picked something edible from the woods.
Mainly because forest is luxurious in other sides of Europe and apparently it is not allowed to pick anything in Germany, since the fox pee is lethal. 

Dragons had a lot of kinky sex this summer, so they laid their eggs everywhere.

Puss och Kram

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Trammi 16 + n birthday.

My last posts have been dedicated to special people and I am not going to stop here, because I am blessed with shiny friends. 
In the dictionary you can find next to Trammi especially great or important, or having a quality that most similar things or people do not have. 
True story.

Reesi (another wow-wow-wii-wow girl) and Triin had a joint birthday party in the end of August. Sadly those were my first days at work - lebo mode turned into crazy mode, which meant that I went home at ungodly hour. Nevertheless the birthday went on and maybe to this minute drunk people are sleeping in Tops.
Due to this vague picture you just have to trust me that Triin and Reesi are standing here.
They are happy, since they just opened their present - tantric massage tickets. 

Something to put on my wall, to remind me the days when we did not stumble on our saggy tits.
"2013 Wilma and Trammi":

The Golden Sisters:

Casually sitting on the street and blocking the way.
Suddenly a wild beer appears and a boy on the left is beyond ecstatic:

Because I know she likes it:

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ivan moving to exile.

Ivan moved to the Netherlands and left me all alone with our retarded university system and 
course-mates. I will never ever forgive him, but still wish him good luck. Hope you come back alive!

Before he went to exile, there was a goodbye party.
 Drinkies, pizza, ping-pong competition and as a cherry on the top, a quiz round. 

Mr.Top Dog with a friend:

Ott put his ninja powers on and won the ping-pong competition.
(woop woop, that's the sound of the police):

He came on the third place and I just sat next to him and drank wine.
All the rolls are in place:

It was all rather fun until we came last in the quiz-round with a group named "Tolerast":

Long live Vanja, who sent me the most postcards, when I lived in Stockholm.
Pay back time.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ott's birthday full of surprises.

I have a friend called Ott and I would say he's special (not saying he's retarded in a polite way). The best words to describe Ott would be a friend's person - you could probably call him 3AM and ask him to pick you up in the middle of Lasnamäe. He would come, I am sure (yes, I have high hopes). Also he is utterly observant and notices every little detail about you, making you feel good about yourself. Don't get me wrong, he is not a friendly person, because when you are not his friend he does not give a single fuck.

Long story short: that dickhead is actually a giving person and that's why by any means we try to give him something really enjoyable back on his birthdays. Last year we gave him a longboard - success level maximum. This year we kidnapped him and took him to bag-jumping, furthermore when arriving back home a private concert of Epifolium was waiting for him. Success level - overload error.
But let's start from the beginning.

Since Epifolium needed some time to set up his gear and make a soundcheck, we needed to get Ott away from his house. We called his parents and told his guests to continue without him and took blindfolded Ott to a car ride. When we reached our final destination - Noblessner, a ugly site was waiting for us that is to say the Bagjump was closed down. Panic arouse. 
Luckily Virgo was waiting for us and had a little talk with the guys managing the Bagjump. Some minutes later we had the gear up and running. Sadly Ott is rather bright one and understood from the noise where he was. 
Here Ott thinks I am taking picture of him alone:

We took him upstairs blindfolded. Whispers. Giggles. 
Then we took the blindfolds off and the same second he was pushed off. 
Ott was happy. He jumped like forty four times more and was even happier. 
Hell, even I jumped! 

Here he thinks that 10€ (20 pitching in) jump was his one and only birthday present.

On our way back home Ott got to drive a very uh-uh-huu car, which went really fast. That meant we were approaching home way too soon. Then the procrastination-to-the-max started. First we went to a store to buy a cake, then we lied that the car is broken and finally Meowlin was faking that she was starting to puke. Never mind the silliness, we arrive home at the right time. 
Here Ott is giving thank you speech to all his guest. He does not know yet that Epifolium was waiting around the corner. 

Kinder Surprise for adults:

Then followed one of the sweetest and most intimate concert I have ever been to. I felt a special urge to sit really close to my Taadu and kiss him repeatedly. 
Epifolium was just born to perform at Ott's sauna:

In the end of the post you can find the recording from that night. Surely listen! 
Epifolim is Canadian with Estonian roots. Few years ago, after a university lecture, he decided to visit the country his parents were from. The trip, that was designed to last few weeks or months, lasts until this day. Estonia turned out to become his home. #talendidkoju:

Then the party was heading in another direction, as originally Ott was planning a rave party with socks. Very nice pairs we managed to buy (Thank you Melissa for the pictures):

Group picture fail:

Group gif win:

I like my men strong
(and for the future - I am never too fat, he is too weak):

A rave it is.
Probably Epp put Michael Jackson on:

Meowlin kicks ass:

All boys ran away from vagina invasion:

22+n, but still like 16:

Lets give Ott chance to conclude how he liked his birthday:

Next year he will get only socks and cheap shit as a present. Back to basics.