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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kuru Plirr 2012 - Teispoolne mõlgutlus

(Kuru 2013 you will find here)
Positivus is over, but another weekend waits its celebration. A year has past  and again it was Kuru time. 
Friends. Unbearably hot weather. Wasps. Beats meeting nature. Non-stop. Nasty toilets. Happy people. Freaky motherfuckers. 

It all started on Friday, when we picked cherries to hand them out at Kuru:

Then we picked up our journey buddies:

Tents were up and more friends arrived:

Hippies were at Folk and hipsters were at Kuru:

This girl can't handle the alcohol, she was already passing away:

Natural smiles, maybe they are born with it:

Taavi is more drunk than Reggie, he is just good at hiding it:


Look at that fucking poser:

I have tonnes of pictures of these two. Seems like they were the only ones around:

My significant other Espirit. He did something that he has never ever done before. He played "The Private Kind of Happiness" first time at his set. Girls at the front row wanted to throw their panties at him, but I was like "Fuck off, that white ass DJ boy is mine!":

It was a really good joke:

Those British boys trying to keep up with Eastern Europeans:

"Honey, is that you?!" 

Very wasted and surrounded by handsome boys. Everything was so perfect, it felt like I have died and went to heaven: 

Dave was as blurry as this picture and he went to sleep. P-U-S-S-Y and pussy was his name-o:

Nebukat, Joel Tammik ja Mava:

Sun was like: "Hey, I'm coming baaaack":

The morning after we were hanging over:

Breakfast maker:

Harri is thinking real hard, what he did last night:

There were a lot of activities apart from melomania:

Ping-Pong Olympics:

It was about 30 degrees and we were hiding it the shadow:

It was so hot that we just drank boiling beer:

The most amazing, coolest, greatest stage of all time. Next time Lego will support us with a stage (just IMAGINE!):

Teispoolne mõlgutlus:

The event was so holy that even Jesus himself was there:

Footbag dance:

Nice shirt:

She is like "Is that a camera" and he is like "Nooot suuure,":

Maybe if I smile she will go away:

The masks started to grow on others too:

Laua alla jooma - gets a new meaning:


My favourite place - right between his legs:

The meeting:

This picture was an accident. It's for Dave with love:

Behind you see Kuru artwork:

I drank my brains away:

Trying to be nice to get cold water, just to survive the day:

When I'm sad, I look at this:

Evening gown on:

Look at this long skirt connection:

We kissed and made up:

Taavi's eyes are telling everything. It's 9 PM:

Fab couple:

Le bar *slash* music store:

Kuru's daddy - Madis:

Colgate, makes people going:

Sky had a little thunder performance (not seen on this picture):

Triin after dinner:

Volleyball match. Aced it, aced it:

Our Nissan had special powers and people were gathering around it:


Not sure how much money did he/she get:

Estonians never leave their vodka behind, not even when having a bath:

The second morning:

House music makes people fist-pumping:

I love when plan doesn't come together:


Germans and their biggest fan:

Kuru Kuarjuas:

Take this kruubipuder, they said. It will taste good, they said. Regina knows better, stupid British people:

How much picture of them can you handle?:


Next year. Same place. Same shit. I'll be there.

Kuru Plirr by others:

Still high