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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 from January to June.

This is for 50 year old me to remember the year 2013.
bang-bang boogie

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ella Hagi visiting Homeland

On last Wednesday I ended work with a real hurry and ran out to pick up Trammi and Hennu (nicknames for the win). A Zavetskoje and dianthus in my hand we waited Ella at the airport. 
She and I haven't been in Estonia together in the same time since 2010 (!). Most important of it all - she is such a sweet person for me and she should be close at all times. 

I had Zavetskoje Zalatoje and she had cabbage with Estonian flag 
- we just know what our alcohol loving vegetarian friend loves.

Besides that Ella got a surprise, so did we, because Miss Piret was on the same flight.
If I only would have known, an extra bottle would have been appropriate:

Hugs, drugs and pugs:

The emotions were as high as in the last episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful":

Of course the first stop was Statoil. 
Hagi needed Karums and others needed Kabanoss. Basics, really.
Such a great friends photo:

You're not in Estonia, when you haven't taken a vodka shot (cup or whatevs).
So we did:

yet so original!

Hurray, for that lovely lady!
Tomorrow we will be having her birthday party at our place.
Be very very afraid.

Vag power!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Men's department

We had little drinkies with my staff members, basically with Men's department three musketeers.
The evening ended very drunk and borrowing Vengaboys CD from Mattias.

Bought boots from Zara = regrets.

 Three ways to react, when a client is overly stupid/meno/drunk.
1. "Holding back your laugh and acting like you're extremely helpful"
2 "Play along with the stupidity and make an awkward joke"
3. "Be like OH GOSH, YOU'RE DUMB! and run away":

Aren't we rich?
More money than should be allowed.

"I never bother with people that I hate"

Friday, December 20, 2013

Ella is here. And we are having more fun than should be allowed.

Ella landed in Estonia on Thursday and we waited her at the airport with flowers and champagne. We haven't been together in Estonia in the same time since January 2010. Cannot be more happier! (that she is here, not that because we haven't been in Estonia together)
Straight from airport we went to Statoil and quickly after that to Trammi's place to crab a vodka shot or two. Let's embrace primitive and tonnes of it.
Also Ott came that morning. Piret with the same flight as Ella. Kät is coming today. Reggie on Sunday. Ian on Monday. 
Those days are over, when I want to invite my closest friends to a Facebook event, but realise that only two of them in "Dearest" group are living in Estonia. 

More pictures and fun coming up!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Epp's birthday at good old Vene.

Juss and Epp have birthdays real close together, thus visiting Vene street is a must
Our little Epp is not that little anymore, the wisdom level in her eyes is growing and growing. 
I found a blog post "Sense it makes none" from year 2009 about Epp
Oh, the times behind and times ahead.

(Also I'm super happy that friends from abroad are returning home for Christmas. 
Airport is my favourite place. BRING BACK ALL THE SWEETIES!)

Now back to Epp's birthday
Luckily I had like six days off from work, a true festive time.
 Kaur ran home after work and dressed up accordingly. He took flowers and off we went:

"Forehead detectives" was the game of the evening. 
Mildly interesting fact - Virgo came a bit later and Harri wrote "Ken" on his forehead, Virgo without knowing this, wrote the same name in return to Harri's. 
Great minds think alike

She was the star of the evening 
(also she was Eminem, can't you see the resemblance):

Vegetarian food all the way.
After the party, we made tonnes of pomegranate salad at home:

"Cool story, bro" faces:

Casually leaning on a chair and looking scared - usual.

"Mixed emotions":

Harri has truly sensible eyes, therefore I have like two picture where he has eyes open:

The story how Dumbo didn't know who Dumbo was:

Barbie and Epp's dog:

Martin Müürsepp does not approve:

Alles gut!:

When Harri takes a picture, he catches you by surprise:

Kisses and hugs to Epp. 
Nice evening, good food and tonnes of fun.

And let's got to her Yoga lessons!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Enesetapja NO57 + Panso preemia

(Some words are lost in translation, therefore the headline stays in Estonian.
 Cultural background is a bitch.)

Whatever I do in life, theatre stays close to my heart. Four years ago I tried to get into Lavakas - you know how that worked out (I had one job...). Ironically I went to see a play of the graduating course, the one I wanted to be a part of. Now I gladly sit in the audience not on the stage, like really, truly, sincerely.
The play was funny and catching. Also the Panso award was given out, absolutely to the right person. Jörgen Liik was wow-wow-wii-wow.
I cannot wait until next year, when Karl's course will be in the starlight. That means I will be there every time, in the first row. A lot of money will be invested on tickets, flowers and tissues (I will cry like a woman, when next Panso awards are given).
Karl, sa vana parm! - wish to see him more often.

The evening started with a cliché dinner with a boy: 

Again some phone pictures swooped in.
That lady behind me is sooooo fast:

Estonia's Russian theatre is a marble of art.
I'm also pretty:

I have a things for ceilings. 
High! High! High:

We took these two pictures in the same time. 
One with a camera, another one with a phone:

Emme-issi lumehelbeke:

 I was snowing the first day this winter. BELIEVE ME! 
The blackness around me is actually fluffy and nice (the everyday illusion)

Last days of PÖFF (wow culture to the max) 
and there was a cartoon screening:

worthy of caps lock.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Juss' birthday

What can I say - I'm utterly wordless. Not like stunned or anything, but I blog so seldom that it feels weird to write. Before blogging was a normal day activity - you shower, change your socks
 and you blog. 
To raise a rumpus even more, I have to bitch about my camera. Our harmonic relationship has lasted quite long, but every sky has its clouds. Some pictures seem to disappear from the film, I could deal with some picture being completely dark or whatever -  the joy of film-rolls. Although I cannot handle magical disappearances. I need to figure this out.
The long whining has an actual connection to this original "Juss' birthday" blogpost, because 70% of pictures are lost somewhere. They do not even appear on the negatives.
 I'm sad to say this - luckily Instagram is there strong, without failing, thus I added some insta pictures for the first time.
Frustrations should be let out, not hold in. 

Now on a happier note - two weeks ago was Juss' birthday.
 He is now in the age of "has to pay higher fees at the bank", so we all gave him cash (fuck Swedbank) in a self-made metal football:

The star of the night was the quiz "How well do you know Juss?". 
Questions like "What happens with Juss, when he would fall into the Red sea?" were included.
Here people are blaming each other for making mistakes, classic friends:

I gave Juss a moustache, because it was Movember then.
He looks like 40+, with a wife and three kids. He definitely has a Volvo.

And us, girls were sad that we didn't have enough hair on our bodies. 

Epp is pleased and Juss is thinking about her, I guess:

Long live Juss! It was a great night.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Stormy weather in Tallinn.

Let's talk about weather. 
It sucks. 
It's stormy.
No snow.
Just shit. 

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Hugo and Maarja

Life's been nice in the meanwhile. I'm totes into festive emotions - it's first advent with first snow. Also despite being 22, I still get surprises into my stockings. WIN!
Sending all my hugs and kissed to you in Liverpool, London, Paris, Stockholm and let's be honest all around the World. Flight tickets is all I ever wish for.

So, now about one evening, when my co-workers and I went to Tops. 
Drinkies. Work Talk. Fun.

The guy on the left works at Trend department:

 Despite being ought to work the next morning at 7AM,
some Russian Cocaines were in order:

Russian Cocaine making ladies pretty since 2013 summer:

Would say that working at Men's department,
there's a true deficit of tits:

"No time for smile.":

Ze ladies:

Desperate World peace (Gertrud looks tannnnnned)