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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Spilling the wedding beans

Alright, I promise to wrap this wedding topic up and from now on I will continue to glow secretly under my blanket. It's really easy to get married, but telling your friends and family is the tough part, like Eminem puts it:
His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready.
We were quite sneaky about telling our closest friends and hid the act behind our traditional dinners we like to arrange. When food was served I made a speech how we were really happy that we could spend our one week wedding anniversary with them. Note to self - my friends think that I have a terrible sense of humour since they though I was kidding. Markus could not close his mouth for like good ten minutes. To be fair I am a bit coco-loco-sugar-loops and a bit untrustworthy, so I showed them our wedding certificate.
The shit got real!

That moment when a quiet Saturday dinner turn into wedding celebration:

This photo takes me back in time
as we all have that childhood picture with a random uncle Heino at a random birthday party:

The moment Little Sam realised that his parent brought us toilet paper as a gift,
so we can now safely say that as a wedding present we got 24 rolls of toilet paper
for all the shit future will bring:


Love must be celebrated with vodka
(Don't worry, I'm taking part in "No Alcohol in September" and I kept my word):

The jolly auntie:

It's suspicious when adults are having so much fun:

It's UNO time!

We are glowing, because we got...

....a dishwasher:

I am not exaggerating, when I say

But it can get competitive, 
so husbands and wives might not want to sit together just to avoid war:

In Rimi we trust!

I am never too fat, he is too weak:

The moment Fred discovered a new cocktail that must be shaken for twelve minutes.
shake ya booty!:

It's all about the product placement - 
vodka on the table, toilet paper in the background.
This is how we roll!

He did fell graciously on his back the next moment:

No one ever believes that I am sober,
I was born this way:

Like 3am they took the hula-hoop with them and went to the town.
I stayed home and went to bed with 100 times happier, because my friends are awesome and my husband is sexy:

Our wedding song (according to Ott and me)

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Private kind of happiness

Wilma married Fred ❤
This is an official apology to our close friends and family who are now disappointed in us for planning such an event in secret. I feel like we owe you an explanation therefore I will start from the begging.

The year was 2010...oh wait, nobody got time for that! Let's skip straight to 2016, when Fred and I mutually decided to get married, to be fair we were planning to register our civil partnership, but due to Estonian legislation or actually lack of it, we decided to get married. If you ask me, it is such a bullshit (or heteroshit?) that I have a privilege to get married yet gay people cannot do the same. Let's keep on fighting, because I have heard that in the end there is only love.

Little did I know that I will be marrying my classmate. The shy boy who sent me a love message through live radio show. The one who I managed to be in a long distant relationship for almost 3 years. I cannot predict the future if we will be together forever, but I know that I will do my hardest to live happily ever after, because he is a keeper. In good and bad times. In sickness and in health. OH DEAR LORD, I AM MARRIED!

If anyone is counting then I heard massive amount of grown-up points falling upon me. The dishwasher, washing machine and bank loan we took to buy a car just gave me some more extra points.
Fuck it all, I am happy! 
This is the private kind of happiness Fred made a song about.

We started to plan a massive wedding in the beginning of summer, because hey, we like big parties! However step-by-step it started to feel like a burden and it became clear that I like to attend weddings not to plan my own. It just did not feel right, cannot explain it rationally. What the fuck does the heart want? The heart wanted to fly to Las Vegas and just do it. The tickets to Vegas were too expensive, so we did it cheap and cheerfully in Tallinn instead:

By law it is required to write the marriage application max three months and min one month before the event. After we had submitted our papers in the beginning of July, we went to the nearest bar and had a glass of wine or two or four. We did not tell our bridesmaid Triin nor best man Ott anything prior the real event, although Ott's travel plans made us spill the wedding beans so like a week before they found out.
This is us waiting behind the door for marriage registration:

We actually chose the wedding registration ceremony without guests, 
but luckily the official let Ott and Triin to enter. 
It went fast. Can't remember a lot. I cried, no surprises there.
BAM! Our love was suddenly recognised by Estonian law: 

Best man delivered, like literally, he carried around bag full of glasses just for that moment:  

Bridesmaid Triin had a plate with her that we had to throw on the ground because killud toovad õnne!
We ordered all the luck in the world with fast delivery at the door:

I felt like a proper wife already:

A lot of our closest friends live close proximity to this place and we were quite nervous that one of them might find us there. This would have been really difficult scene to explain:

You start with a classy quiet wedding and you end up playing the friendly ghost Casper instead:

He saw. He liked. He swap me off my feet:

Ott flew to Estonia just for us and stood 9:57am behind the liquor store to buy some celebration champagne.
Such. much. good. friend:

It was 1th of September, the first day of school 
and for that reason a proper plum pie was in order:

One does not simply forget to buy a cigar when best friends are getting married:

Why we chose Ott and Triin to be with us on that day? 
Ott is the reason why we are together *drops mic and walks away*. We are shamelessly a weird trio of friends - me and Ott have a special bond, Fred and Ott are tight as fuck and then three of us have a relationship of our own. Actually some still cannot tell if I am dating Ott or Fred. We are even going to our honeymoon together, I shit you not. Never a third-wheel, always much needed wheel to carry this bandwagon around.
Triin and I know each other since we were 10 years old, so we simply must be best friends forever, because we carry too much useful information about each other. She has grown really close and she has supported me in good and in bad. She is the one I can call 3am and she will be travelling down the road and back again.

I think our choice was so obvious and right:

It is so crazy that now after two weeks from the wedding 
this flower bouquet still looks good and is decorating my table:

He now calls me "ex-girlfriend":

Bromance at its finest:

Embracing ourselves that the pregnancy questions are coming.
Official statement from the Cunt family - the birth is under control with birth-control:

I kept my name,
because once a Cunt, always a Cunt:

Autumn weddings are so up and coming.
Just believe me, I am the trendsetter:

Alma and Laine:

"Selling all the encyclopaedias for reasonable price.
Reason of selling: wife knows everything":

Total life forever:

Aaaaaaaaaand then we kissed:

During year 2017 he has quite some weddings to attend:

With her support I did not become bridezilla,
instead I was a bridechilla:

If anyone is wondering then I am wearing H&M from tip to toe:

Our lovely wedding photographer was called 10 Picture Timer,
I do recommend their service:

Future so bright it burns our eyes:

On our way to Haapsalu we stopped quite many times to do a photoshoot.
Cars that passed by honked as we danced on the field:

It was surprisingly warm autumn day:

We had not eaten anything besides the plum pie,
so we popped some cranberries:

WTF?! We are husband and wife?!?

I felt like a million bucks:

At Haapsalu a little cute house and romance awaited us:

Happy endings are so once upon a time,
but private kind of happiness is real:

We basically ignored all the traditions as instead of rings 
we have leather hand-bands that are made by Triin:

I have never worn more perfect outfit for cycling that bike:

Ok, bye! I am off to adulthood:

Pushing that fart out:

This autumn came differently:

She is beauty, she is grace
fuck with her and she will punch you in your face:

I told him that Fred and I got married,
he held the secret very well:

Then it was time to take the dress off and call it a day.
My little brother from London sent me flower bouquet, thank you honey! 

The adrenaline kept me going the whole day but after the dinner at Kärme Küülik I was exhausted. On my wedding evening I went to sleep 8:30pm?! Little did we know that doctor had told me to stop taking antibiotics too soon and the day after my wedding I became ill again. 
Luckily we had vowed to be together in sickness and in health: 

Waking up next to my husband the day after was a completely new feeling.
Cheers for that:

Was it a dream?

Thank you family Müürivahe for arranging the most perfect honeymoon! Honey-evening? Honey-weekend? 
Whatever you might call it, it was perfect:

I will end this post with a picture from March 2010. Ott and his then girlfriend Reggie invited us on a cruise to Stockholm there Fred and I hooked up and started our romance. Little did I know that I will be marrying this guy seven years later.
Tack Tallink!

Skip straight to 5:18 to hear the most romantic thing he has ever done: