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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Norman's birthday and glimpse of June

One month in Estonia is nearly over, cannot complain really. It is impossible to highlight one special event, since there is a lot happening while not mowing the lawn (yet again). In a week time we are flying back to England to officially see my Mister to become highly educated. 

If you cannot find me, I am usually in the hammock reading old newspapers and learning something 'new'.
"Oh, when did that happen?" "Oh, he died." yes, like a year ago, but okay. 

Even Harri, the future architect, is facinated by our little house with a real "Ding-dong" doorbell:

While others are chatting, Harri is sitting in the house and the dog is just "What the fuck, man!":

Now to Norman's birthday

He is officially my antidepressant: 

The beginning of a new era - when you find more food than alcohol at birthday parties:

Vanim, vaimne ja väärikas:

His birthday cake brings all the people in the yard:

My boyfriend, bunnies and I:

sorry about the stripes.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tallinn FC Reaal

I have always been pretty distant when it comes to sports, but lately I have really enjoyed watching football. Especially FC Reaal games, since they are rather funny bunch to keep track of. 

During the game a crow landed in the middle of the field. It did not move, despite people running competitively around and over. Other crows were flying around and trying to hit it, or even kill it. Weird nature combo that Mihkel solved (the crow got hit by a car later): 

Ott with stockings:

Kisses and hugs:

Footballers have a great support system:

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tour d'ÖÖ juuni väljalase

Every time I cycle around Tallinn, I am so grateful when I arrive home alive. Some drivers try to run you over, while saying sentences like "Don't you have something better to do than block my way here" or "*insert random Russian insult here*" It seems like Estonia is not ready for bicycles, black people nor gays, although a great amount of people disagree. Tour d'ÖÖ is one example of counteraction. Change is good, which means soon a gay black person can safely cycle home.

"Car runs on money and makes you fat, but bicycle runs on fat and saves you money." - that day we cycled all together about 70 kilometres and I could not sit the next day. 

In everyday-life Estonians are individuals and like to be alone, still time after time they come together to make something big - Laulupidu, tantsupidu, lihtsalt pidu:

If I remember right, then this is a bicycle made in Estonia, which has a little electric engine: 

Heading to Kopli - how great of an idea would it normally be?:

Loviis and I. 
My red jacket has become my trademark, it's now 'my thäääng'.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Tartu. The funeral of Kink Konk.

Two weeks ago Kaur, Sam, Madis and I took the train to Tartu. The club Kink Konk was closing down and last stupid, yet fun deeds had do be done. The trip was utterly awesome, since the last time I was in Tartu was in 2011 august. I can only stay in Tartu two days at a time, because my liver starts to protest and says "STAPH!"

KLMN, Valentin Nebukat and MaVa.
By that point Samuel had been up 38 hours in a row. He had outside body experience:

Surprisingly Harri joined us and he even bought a ticket (he rather climbs, crawls and jumps, if it helps him to get in without paying):

First sober Tartu in my life, but still "Give me that bloody bottle for picture time.":

Sõbra Combo - getting intoxicated together :

Harri is examining the construction of the house, although his eyes weren't that reliable: 


"Seaputs" luule by Vaime Puue:

McDonald's drive-in with imaginary cars at 4 AM just before getting on a bus to Tallinn:

"Su Woodstock on läbi, Hipi.":

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mutant Disco at Katlaaed

I am so in love with my analog camera, but the film processing takes time, therefore after quite some time  I finally took my digital camera with me. More summing up next week, now the story of Friday night.

Since Ott was a sober driver that night, he agreed to come over and take us to the town. Before, of course, they tested Kaur's new toys.
Spice boys (unintentional rhyme):

Thursday, June 06, 2013

The dog and the baby.

The short period of summer gives Northern nations the opportunity to pack together their grumpiness for three months and replace it with light happy attitude. The sun that sets for maximum two hours at night, means there's almost no time for sleep. Even the mosquitoes cannot suck the fun out of it all. 
Mowing the lawn does not bother as much as shovelling snow for almost 9 months. (Interesting facts)

I will share glimpse of summer at my home and how we are babysitting little Julius and dog Steffy.


Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Haigla party - enjoying the possibility to party outdoors. DVPH live.

How many times have I done these "Back in Tallinn" post? I actually lost the count myself, although now I am here to stay. Since I am on a holiday, the only plan is to wing it as it comes.
After whining about my shitty camera, I finally got a Nikon photo-camera  I am so in love with it.  From now on you will see the raise on quality and fall of quantity. Word.

Last Saturdays was the third warm day in a row. Emotions were rather up for an Estonian, therefore party was a must. Haigla had an outdoor get-together, where DVPH did their live.
Also the apple trees are in bloom:

Monday, June 03, 2013

Melissa's birthday

I now moved permanently back to Tallinn, and so did my Mister (yay!). Still cannot believe that we managed to keep up with the long distance relationshit for two years. It was completely sponsored by Skype and Ryanair. 
On wednesday night, straight from the airport we escaped to our summer cottage at Jäneda. Good food, nice weather, romance, late birthday, just bliss. Since my camera is so shitty and I desperately need a new one, tonnes of pictures got deleted and are missing. I already cried a river, therefore I'd rather talk about Melissa's birthday party.

Hip-hip-hurray to Melissa! Also let's praise her for good timing, since it is always nice to see our good friends in one place. Especially after a long time not seeing.