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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Long time no blog (my September and October in a nutshell)

It appears that when I got married, my life ended and the blogging stopped. However, I had a lot of firsts in September - first marriage and first time being a masters student. I have no idea why the hell did I decide to torture myself with massive school work on the top of my full-time job. Don't get me wrong, work is good, the school is interesting, but sitting on a sofa watching Netflix would be so much easier. 

Sorry, autumn turns me into a complaining bitch. Instead of whining, here is a small picture compilation from September and October.

1. Pärna decided to explore Europe a little bit and moved to Austria with the help of ERASMUS.
But before he stepped on the plane we played some Uno 
(my autumn so far = sleep, work, school, UNO!):

I put some pussy on the table to see them' reactions:

2. During stressful times it is so needed to wash some dirty laundry together with these girls.
We pull out the most stained pieces and then we work until they are clean:

After my trip to New York I fell in love with cocktails and speakeasy bars.
Whisper Sisters at its finest:

3. Erik had a birthday and we gave him this huge glass.
Now he can say: "Just one drink more and then I will go home":

We covered Erik's eyes, ordered Uber and took ourselves to a speakeasy bar Dissident.
On our way there Erik had no idea where we were going. The driver played along by touching his knee and saying "You will be ok" in Russian. To say the least Erik wetted himself. However, when he opened his eyes and saw that we had arrived to paradise, he actually enjoyed the night (I hope):

The girls were listening to Tonks.FM:

4. In October I was working at our Helsinki office for few days,
which meant that my sweetheart & Other Stories and I were united once again:

5. It's dark and cold outside, better to stay in with good company:

6. She was the first one from our group to create a life. Such much grown-up points!
Trammi, you rock!

Aunties and uncles are already spoiling the little one:

Epp and Juss finally received their wedding pictures,
so it is very suitable to end with this lovely memory from the summer: