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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Wilma Circus in September 2020

You must me excited about the content that is coming up –
me being sleepy and grumpy until it's spring again.

1st of September
We met on that day thirteen years ago.
We married on that day three years ago: 

2nd of September
I prefer slippers to shoes. 
Give me a round of applause that I am not in my pajamas:

3rd of September
The autumn melancholy and bowl of water:

4th of September
You must me excited about the content that is coming up –
me sleeping in a bed for six months straight, until it's spring again:

5th of September
Italiano, Saku original and one hungry boyfriend:

6th of September
Gourmet "Staap", because lägaburks:

7th of September
Somewhere between dead and hopeless:

8th of September
It's that time of the year again, when we wash doggo every single day:

9th of September:
That rare moment when unknown energy charge knocks on the door:

10th of September
So in love with that boy that it hurts inside:

11th of September
I pray that this ugly sleep turns into beauty sleep:

12th of September
We walked few kilometres to drink tea and listen to the silence.
Yes, we will be 30 soon:

13th of September
Sõõrikukohvik & memmed:

14th of September
The only sport I do is the happy dance
after I have removed my protective facemask:

15th of September
New office couch, new chief happiness officer:

16th of September
Protest march against autumn and demanding longer daylight:

17th of September
It's hard to look away from such a bright and shining star:

18th of September
Fastest guns in BlackMountain,
my neighbour and I:

19th of September
Bitch wanted a hotdog and bitch grilled some hotdogs.
Bitch ate some hotdogs and bitch loved it:

20th of September
Better to be pale now than have cancer later:

21st of September
Put my fingers into electrical socket and felt like a human again:

22nd of September
One of the seven dwarves.
Probably Grumpy:

23rd of September
When I try to keep up with the Kardashians:

24th of September
Climate warming gave us summer days in autumn

25th of September
My bras will not feel the outdoor air for few months now:

26th of September
I should worry about the bizarre warm weather, 
but instead I ate a pineapple and was completely useless:

27th of September
There's sun in places
where sun never shines:

28th of September
Zebra at a orienteering competition:

29th of September
What happened with sunken ship Estonia? Will we survive C19 second wave?
So many questions, but at least we adjusted our disinfectant liquid supply:

30th of September
Leaves are falling and so are my happiness level:

You are very welcome, I hope you enjoyed my grumpiness.