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Saturday, March 29, 2014

A quick stay in Oslo - øøøøæææææ.

On my way to the land of Unicorns and fairy tales I dropped a flying visit to Oslo. Never have I ever been there before, since I've been under the spell of Sweden, jo! 
 I do understand Norwegian, or at least 80% of it, but it took me a great hour to be brave enough to answer them in Swedish. Everybody was like super polite, like they tend to be in Scandinavia, although I suspect they thought "Yet again another Swede came here to talk gibberish." As I can relate when communicating with Finnish customers. *Information not received, please try again*

 Call me a lady, after all my main goal there was a shopping spree Oslo edition. Weekday started its Mid-Season sale that day, which meant I patently waited next to the sales advisor who put on the sale stickers. I visited the store three times, every time they had come further along with the sale. 
Annoying customers likes it cheap:

Open-minded and free spirited Scandinavia - 
there's no stress that some condoms and vibrators couldn't cure:

The land of the expensive, they say. Living one year in Sweden has made me numb. Furthermore I think it is rather amazing that Norwegian government has saved up and invested the oil money so that if you divided that sum between the population - every Norwegian is a millionaire.
 Having said that I still would not recommend you to buy booze from Vinmonopolet.

I just read that Oslo is one of the biggest capitals in the world, which made me suspicious as I walked around the whole day without needing any public transportation. But the sentence "Oslo mostly consist of forest" calmed me town a bit.
Harald is the king of that castle, yo:

Parliament, guarded by the lions:

The picture is taken uphill at the Royal Castle, which looks upon the town. 
Oslo looks like a bowl, a tasty bowl of yummy:

The birdy is like a boss:

The local tourist pamphlet embraces the cost of living and recommends to visit IKEA to get a decent cheap lunch. Also it said under the column "How to act Norwegian" - "Dislike the Swedes." (yikes!).
However I did not go to IKEA, but I got a pretty good bang for a NOK:

Nerd alert with all their comic shops:

Where the town ends, the fjords begins.
We are planning to go back around my birthday to get an orgasm from the nature. Cannot wait!

Then the sun came out and I climbed on the top of the opera house. My heart skipped a beat:

A true Viking land. 
Also pretty brave not to be the part of the EU, which means tax refunds! yayayyayayaiiii.

Spring so bright it burns my eyes. 
Bye Oslo, now off to Glasgow:

Norsk musikk, jaaa!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

News about my death is greatly exaggerated

I cannot even count the amount of times I was close to pushing "delete" button of this blog. 
Every time I thought "Ah, maybe tomorrow.
"Basically just couldn't do it, although I would have reached the point soon if there wouldn't have been a trip to Scotland. 
Then it came clear at least 5 people are truly fond of my blog and Ott wouldn't have any pictures of him without my photo chronicle. Therefore I reconsidered the "tumour idea" and substituted it with taking the blog as a caravan. 
It's sometimes annoying, but in the end of the day you have a bloody portable home with a mini fridge...
Circus philosophy - sense it makes none.

So Wilma is continuing with the circus.
This picture is perfect for a poster of the world tour, because it is so happy and emotional.
Winter was a rather kind one this year, only two weeks of minus 25°C.

Two months I haven't posted anything. A lot has happened, a lot has melted.
Snow made my fingers numb from joy

Independence day and grandfather's 60th with Zavetskoje.
The official sponsor of the Circus family:

A friend of a friend of a friend, who is now a friend got older and wiser.
(birthdays - a reason to take out the camera + to drink my first beer in a month, btw since january I've had three beers, but who's counting):

Quick, put these hats on, no time to explain.
Circus in Mexico:

Along with spring came positive ideas - maybe the grass is greener on THIS side?!:

Circus family was home alone and babysitting a small kitten.
Also sun lighted up the room, boom!

That nose, that wet nose, that wet soft nose, that wet soft warm nose.

Birthdays everywhere! and the most special one, of the main artist of my Circus.
My plan "wake-him-up-5AM-with-sandwich-cake-and-candles,-run-to-work,-come-back-home-to-pimp-myself-up,-take-him-out-to-our-home-restaurant,-snuggle-until-we-fall-a-sleep" resulted me getting sick the day before and plan B "vomit-two-days-in-a-row" came in action. I somehow gathered my strength for few minutes to bake him a cake, which looked like a giant loaf of black bread with butter.
Despite it all, he was happy.

Few days later I felt better and compensated my "girlfriend fail" with baking like crazy for his birthday party. 
Imagine, how it felt to go to work 7am the next day...:

Sleeping beauty at the party:

see you soon.