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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Wilma Circus in October 2021

Hello darkness my old friend.
Still taking pictures every day.

1st of October
First day back at work. And to increase the hustle even more,
I was babysitting (not my own kid), 
actually more like just sitting, since I didn't even see the baby:

2nd of October
This is a picture of a crime scene.
That was the last time we saw that green baby hat.
*big things happening in my life*:

3rd of October
The forced smile that loves warm autumn
yet is scared of the climate warming:

4th of October
The circus tour is out and about.
Wilma being the main clown:

5th of October
I make your eyes bleed from all the yellow:

6th of October
Yes, it is exactly like it seems.
I'm feeding my baby viiner:

7th of October
Celebrating wins without shame.
My baby sleeps until 10AM:

8th of October
The lack of Õnne13 in my life makes me think.
Probably I will catch up with the new season ten years from now:

9th of October
Cried a lot that day, so it starterted to feel ridiculous,
hence the WTF face:

10th of October
Live your life like there's no stigma in
stretching your poop hole towards the camera:

11th of October
Judging you because you ate a booger:

12th of October
Sometimes I have a special need to rearrange the furniture.
Afterwards I analyse. And I end with regret:

13th of October
Wear a T-shirt "Live with purpose".
Put inspirational quotes on your wall.
Criticise fakeness and show how perfect your life is:

14th of October
It takes a lot of courage to wear something that does not have easy access to your boobs
(while breastfeeding):

15th of October
I guess the bath salts had some steroids in them, 
since there were some weird side effects:

16th of October
Yawning is a silent scream for winter hibernation:

17th of October
Our new hit single came out and we had a massive release party with fishsticks:

18th of October
We picked up Fred and Šarik from work.
We date hard and marry the shit out of each other:

19th of October
The more inspirational quotes you share, the more stable you seem.
Said noone ever:

20th of October
What do I wear at the office?
This A/W2021 trendy blanket:

21st of October
It feels like I only speak Idiot after having a baby:

22nd of October
I'm great in bed,
I can sleep for days:

24th of October
Some say he is Brother Karl,
for some he is Uncle Karl.
To all he is just awesome:

25th of October
My adorable poop machine:

26th of October
How much glamour can you handle?
Working in my walk-in-closet while my baby dislikes that I'm earning some money:

27th of October
Rainy extravaganza:

28th of October
Face down, ass up:

29th of October
Fridays are paternal leave days for Fred
so he could really focus on creating those daddy issues:

30th of October
Home alone. Day off. Wolt. Age of Empires. 

31st of October
During Halloween I dressed up as a
Good Parent who is constantly questioning herself (spooky af) :

Thursday, October 21, 2021

My band is cool

Forget about Adele's comeback, here is the biggest musical achievement in 2021. 
I hereby present to you our newest hit single



the legendary Kolm Käiku


the love song


the Käsmu captain song

5 minute mark is the peak of our fame