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Thursday, May 09, 2024

G & J wedding under the Tuscan sun

Since 1st of September 2001 G & I go strong. Our birthdays are two days apart, our dads went to the same class, our homes were on the route of 32 (the bus). All our allowance went towards instant noodles and more fun than should be allowed. We have crushed on the same boys, but we always had each others back. 

The Queen of Alphabet, always first one on the class list has now a new name. A husband, a kid – grown up points 500. And she had a wedding in Italy (G has never been a dull one, always sassy, always classy).

Their Italian wedding set the bar high.
È stato stupefacente. Grazie!
Day 1

We checked in at Le Filigare. 
The view was not too shabby:

Me and my stoned friend:


In three-wheeler cars we trust.
The gravity we reject:

With G, out favourite leisure activity is to pesu pesema.
Dirrrrtttyyyy stories:

The guests and colourful cow (not insulting anyone):

And the the movie stars arrived,
we made pictures and ask for autographs: 

In that moment he knew he had scored a jackpot:

The introduction round involved a lot of memories of intoxication and poor decision-making. 
G's secrets are safe with me (and locked in our MSN history):

Never have I ever eaten so much meat at the same time,

Day 2

Be prepared for massive Kammerneitsi antruaaž content:

Before the ceremony we watched the TV:

Just when you thought that you were the centre of attention...
I showed up:

The queen G:

Santa's little helpers:

That's one hot piece of ass:

Fastest gun in Texas:

I refuse the change her name on my phone:

The vadž squad:

She draws strings:

Wine uploading:

Wine downloading:

Pimp my bride:

To sum up: snack, tracks and penis facts:

Cheers to wine-ing not whining: 

Fabulous called. We answered:

Here I'm chill:

Here you see my true colour 
when you're trying to ruin the wedding:

The power of female:

The future is so bright it burns eyes:


The wedding planning nightmare is behind.
Only good times ahead:

The colour black lover dressed in white:

If you like it then you should put a ring on it:

In vino veritas:

Sõbrapilt 25 EEK:

The bride was sent off and it was time to find my +1 
(my emergency contact for 14 years and counting):

I see your Õnnepalee and raise you Tuscan views:

Basic white girl at the poolside:


Their vows took my breath away.
Such poets:

Sell your house. Quit your job. Move to Italy:

The one and only groomsman:

The outfit was inspired by that no ketchup stains would show:

Not a sinner anymore. God approves:

Tuscan blue rosemary and Estonian green husband:

The VIP section:

The Oscar acceptance speech coming up:

No roof needed,
the sky is the limit:

A little pit-stop:

Mister Deepthroat in action:

My Estonian boyfriend and Italian uncle:

5 course dinner heaven:

We lost the quiz
and now have to buy J a new phone:

Another day, another stoned friend:

After 14 years I still think he's the sexiest, smartest and funniest.
Best friend and baby daddy:

In bloom:

Today is not the day for red wine stains:

G & J had an extra chair at their table
it became the pihitool

Che bello!

oleks siis minu KODOMAA:

And then came birds and sat on her shoulder,
like a Disney princess happily ever after:

The golden hour and white boys can jump:

Outfit change and negotiation with the groomsman to go to sleep:

One love, three hearts:

This wedding is on fireeeeee:

That's what she said:

The midnight beats (and epic sax guy):

Day 3

The day for pyjamas:

The olives:

Under the palm trees:

The pizza evening with our Italian family:

If you screamed "Kibe" you had to kiss Siim.
And everyone held the promise:

The girl is back in black (her favourite attire):

Another speech. Another waterworks:

When life gives you lemons:

4 day wedding at its finest:

Gelato. Pizza. Madame:

il signore:

Pants down and let's walk the memory lane:

At 11PM we were invited to the chapel for 
the championship of Vigurale Nikurante:

The pillowtalks:

No words needed, enjoy the view:

The pagans in action:

The groom and the bride won.
The justice was maintained:

Volare, oh-oh
Cantare, oh-oh-oh-oh:

Day 4

Check out and humble brag with the view:

Thank you, it was an honour to be there.