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Monday, September 04, 2023

"Say yes to the dress" Riga edition

G-Force pampered this sweet unemployed dollface and took me to Riga, all expenses on her. I just had to deliver my taste in fashion and my photography skills. Generous deal (thanks, G).

This is a story of our trip to the south.

I have taken fair amount of bus-trips to Riga,
however one cannot get over the fear of a moving toilet seat. 
Far worse than on a plane, a lot more at the mercy of gravity:

Business seats, 
because we unemployed:

Spoiler alert: look at this all white salon and guess the main goal of our trip:

We be dressin' up,
we be lovin' it:

Look at this fucking Disney princess
living happily ever after:

So many sins that white is not my colour:

As dress hunting was efficient and faster than anticipated,
we needed some &Other Stories: 

Found the fastest gun in Texas:

Remembering the times I still had valid staff discount in this store.
Oh, the times we had:

The wedding dress
did not cause any stress:

Act like you bought diamonds,
not socks:

Shoyu ramen = 10/10

Hungry little bus tourists:

We wandered around the town, didn't find a suitable place and ended up back at our hotel.
20 000 steps = crème brûlée, biscuit selection and baked French cheese.

This is my new favourite drink:

Hotel mirror selfies always hit the right spot:

She found what she was looking for
and she slept well. She good:

Okay, let's be honest.
Magnifying mirror beats any Instagram filter:

Size 36 (or even 35) vs size 41.
Wind affects us differently:

Duck face is so last century,
but we embrace the past:

Kids and boyfriends are in a land far-far away:

TKG viieliste ekskurss:

Checking out and logging off:

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Annual tradition: Ian's Festival. 2023 edition

I'll just leave a quote from 2015 here:

"He was this annoying little spoiled and insecure boy. He made up a story that his house was surrounded by a protecting layer, so nobody would come to steal his computer games. He farted a lot and had a near death experience because of that. He was a regular at McDonald's, so he would get occasional free burgers and was called by his first name by the employees. We've made tonnes of photoshoots in her mother's closet until he realised it was time to come out from the closet and move to London." 

From biting drunks to Russian spies – 
let's keep the Ian's Festival tradition alive.

2023 marks the pause of Müürivahe Era.
New views, new level of royal:

Dreaming of a date with Kaytranada:

A little family picture before the big concert:

The judging face when somebody says it's Weeknd's not Kaytranada's concert:

And just like that we teleported to Haapsalu:

Last year she talked about this boy,
this year she took the boy with her:

The 9 timer pictures are well curated "Happy", "Sad", "Kawaii".
Guess the theme:

A little warm breeze in her hair.
A little Crocs on her feet.
Summer vibes 500:

Hetero vs gay persona:

Ian ordered one shelter dog from Tsirguliina to come to Haapsalu.
Wish granted:

L.A. & Lasna:

Sometimes unemployed, 
but always royal:

Coupon queens and kings:

Mirror selfie evolution
and Getter Jaani singing "Me kõik jääme vanaks"

Šarik eats, we clap.
Šarik farts. we clap.
Šarik is, we appreciate:

Pizza Grande
Once Ian saw rats there.
Once there was a rock in the pizza. Yes, an actual rock.
The food tastes likes dried bogger. 
Yet we still come back to this toxic relationship:

The artist, the canvas:

Getting into character before night full of Maffia game:

At midnight we sang to this beautiful creature.
At that minute Haapsalu was strongest than it ever could be:

The morning glory:

The Maffia hangover hug with all the spies, nurses and police:

She is attracted to shelter kings and queens:

Some went back home,
some new fresh faces arrived:

Inside the Haapsalu bubble,
the daily problems are far away: 

Birthday lunch at Greek restaurant:

I was there too:

"Peace, dog and love":

My little brother is a year older and wiser.
I'll always be few steps ahead:

Bye, bye! See you in August 2024: 

A little extra material: friends, who rave together, are forever: