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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Wilma Circus in March 2021

The month of parental leave, the country lock-down (yet again), Ever Given memes 

1st of March
Looking at the mirror and analysing myself,
however without glasses I cannot see much and the evaluation might not be accurate:

2nd of March
Judging people, who do not respect the social distancing rules, on my balcony:

3rd of March
I look sexy in those slippers:

4th of March
Bitch has tonnes of disinfectant liquid and is using it with outstanding excitement:

5th of March
The wrong size Kendrick Lamar T-shirt is finally correct size: 

6th of March
Running out of ideas where to take photos,
because we are at home 24/7:

7th of March
Freaky-deaky feet fetish at its best:

8th of March
International Women's Day & nonalcoholic Nudist Princessa:  

9th of March
Doctor said I'm not fat anymore.
It was a great day.

10th of March
ALMOST forgot to take a picture.
So this is me and Gilmore Girls:

11th of March
My last day at work and Fred's last day as a 29 year old.

12th of March
The hotel lighting and Fred's birthday made me feel beautiful.
I mean, yes I'm preggo, but I'm still hot piece of ass:

13th of March
Dido & Eminem - Cleaning out my closet:

14th of March
I'm dreaming of a decent haircut:

15th of March
First official working day without having to open my computer, without any duties.
Let's just say that I was busy doing nothing.

16th of March
Fuck the back pain, let's walk a little:

17th of March
Drink water and stay hydrated:

18th of March
Not being able to meet people means that 
Šarik is my BFF, psychologist and a personal trainer:

19th of March
Dressed up like a 12 year old boy:

20th of March
This duck faced lady invades his husband's office time after time, 
because she is just that bored:

21st of March
Roadtrip to Haapsalu. Warm tea in thermos. Delicious Kärme Küülik pizza.
Safe yet fabulous:

22nd of March
I swallowed a whole watermelon:

23th of March
Overexcitement! The spring coats are out of hibernation:

24th of March
Looking at all the baby clothes E&L gifted us,
bitches be ready:

25th of March
The first day in 2021 with sunglasses on.
Oh, the shade!

26th of March
Looking good, feeling good:

27th of March
I usually support coming out,
but not when it comes to my belly button:

28th of March
The spring season is opened by Crocs:

29th of March
I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my bones.
The baby is giving me some hard times and me bouncing on a ball is all the joy I have:

30th of March
Puke. Headache. #blessed day:

31st of March
My pyjamas bring all the boys to the yard:

Monday, March 15, 2021

Fred's 30th birthday. Lockdown at a luxurious hotel.

Let's rewind back to 2020, to Fred's birthday. The C-19 was sneaking around and Estonia entered state of emergency. Now, in 2021 we have exactly the same (or actually much worse) situation with the pandemic and the country was put, yet again, to full lockdown. The 365 days were mocking us real bad.

Alright, maybe missing a birthday party is not the worse that can happen at the moment. But still, I felt bad for Fred. Especially because of the big 3 and 0. If this was not the perfect time to book "Romantic getaway" package at a fancy hotel, then I don't know when is. 

Celebrations were in order, since it was also my last day at work before heading on a paternity leave. Or vacation as some put it, but I have different understanding about that notion – more palm trees, less shitty diapers.

Preggo lady and 30 year old man walked into a hotel during the lockdown.
Read further to see how the anecdote went on:

Final day at work before heading to paternity leave.
Fred's last day of being 29.
H&M designer collection launch.

Of course we picked the "Romantic getaway" offer,
since it included dinner and breakfast.
The strawberries, rose petals and champagne was a complete surprise for us,
because romance for us means free food:

The lockdown meant that all restaurants were closed.
However, the hotel had turned its 6th floor rooms into private dining spaces.
Beds were replaced with tables. The food was basically left behind the door.
We called the kitchen once we were done. Felt safe. Tasted good. 
And was rather private and romantic:

Back at our room we had fun with the rose petals:

And did some kissy-kissy:

Fuck the minibar prices, because I'm worth that can of Pringles:

Oh, there's a phone in here.
Should I order room service? 
(Spoiler: Oh yes, I did):

Romance includes bottle of champagne.
The pregnante seniorita couldn't have some, but Fred was full of romance in the end:

After being at home ALL THE FUCKING time,
it was rather nice to live a little (safely):

Basically you can throw up now,
because the reflection created a heart shape:

If a rose had to die for this,
then I must make the best out of it:

He blows my mind:

It's an honour to create a human together with him:

The petals were everywhere.
When I woke up, one of them was glued on my buttcheek:

Good morning!
A proper birthday morning includes a proper brekkie:

Staying in our robes, watching Terevisioon.
That's what I call perfection:

11 years together, I still fall in love with him again and again. 
Fred has an absolutely golden personality and a sexy ass that just won't quit. 
Happy another 365 days around the Sun, my baby daddy!

L'Embitu hotel makes people happy.