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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Survived 26th time the 365 day trip around the Sun

I have chosen to age gracefully and enjoy the saggy tits and deep wrinkles life has to offer. However I must confess that this year my birthday had a first sad consequencI no longer qualify for airlines' youth ticket and my frequency of travel will suffer. Luckily my friends are taking care of me very well and took me on trip that money can't buy.
Here is my 26th birthday in pictures:

Sadly we chose to take a lot of the pictures with the analog camera, but Fred managed to insert a weird film-roll into it and now the picture may be lost forever. At least my photo-guy (yes, I have a photo guy) sent it to Latvia, I hope they can fix it there. Now you just have to imagine how absolutely amazing my Friday and Saturday were. The first high temperatures of the year + good company + yummy food + me tanning in the garden = bliss.

We jump directly to Sunday, the third day of my birthday celebrations. 
I seem all cute and nice, but my ass was hurting from the 25km of cycling the night before:

After these pictures were taken I fell over and puked a little:

My grandmother and grandfather gave me Anton H. Tammsaare 'the best of' books and an old waffle-machine. 
It so cool to be a grown-up, you can eat waffles for breakfast, lunch and dinner, 
even the guys in the computer are jealous:

I had turned my 'Sunday couch potato' mode on, when Fred told me that Ott will come to pick up a *insert random technical item name here*. It seemed legit and I thought to myself that as it is my real birthday the next day then maybe Ott will want to grab a cocktail or two. The doorbell rang. Nothing suspicious yet. I hear giggles. Ott can't make so high pitch sounds. I went to have a look a.
Candles! Cake! Hula-hoop! Friends! Speechless!

Yannis, Adele and Kendrick joined too:

Hula-hoop, the best gift ever!
The name "hula" came from the Hawaiian dance in the 18th century, due to the similar hip movements. 
His technique was totally Hawaiian, just the lei was missing:

Technique inspired by Berlin techno:

Technique that kicked everyone else's ass, 
since she has done acrobatic gymnastics for 10 years of her life:

The technique named 
"If your bestfriend supports you, you can do anything!":

Quick no time to explain! 
Grab a flowerpot, kitchen paper, a drill, hula-hoop and some more shit:

Metabo drill campaign shot:

The birthday sheep:


And he was off to Finland:

A minute on your lips,
a lifetime on your hips.
Oh fuck it, it's my last day as a 25 year old:

Finally after all these celebrations the 22th of May arrived!
The April showers bring May flowers:

First time in my life I had to work on my birthday. 
A busy bee or a flying squirrel?:

New haircut, same life partner:

I was picked up by a handsome Uber driver, who took me to an unknown place.
During the ride I had some time to kill:

Selfies in a car is what I do best.
Here I am in 2015 on my birthday, nothing has changed:

How to get rid of you boyfriend with 10 seconds:

On our way to Kaberneeme a wild forrest appeared:

Looking so mature, feeling so childish:


My eight birthday together with this lovely gentleman:

The automatic gear is the essence of a good relationship.
The more time you have to touch each other, the better:

After a romantic dinner at OKO restaurant in Kaberneeme,
a little gelato was a good way to end the evening:

Cheers to all the lovely people I have around me!
Getting old is not that horrible after all:

Monday, May 22, 2017

Looking back to 22th of May in the past

Today 26 years ago I was born on a backseat of a Žiguli car. As I cherish birthdays so highly, here is my 22th of May through time:

We lived in Vardja and my relatives came to visit us. I am sitting on my great-grandmothers (there age 75) lap and was utterly happy that I was allowed to wear red lipstick because it was my 5th birthday. My classy great-grandmother always drew her eyebrows on with a burnt log. Classy times:

The years between are lost in space

Too-cool-for-school teenager with her boyfriend back then. I wore some silly hats at school and I still remember those awkward moments when teachers forced the whole class to sing happy birthday 
and afterwards they were expecting candy, that I did not have. 

My sweet 18! I waited that moment so long. We started the evening drinking at a park and the gentleman by my side ended up at a police station spending the night there. So it qualifies as an legendary night to tell stories about:

I had been dating this guy for two months or so and I had tonnes of butterflies in my stomach: 

We had an exam that day and in the evening I threw a sandwich party at my deskmates apartment.
The time when you spent more money on alcohol than food:

I was living in England back then. 
As there were thousands of kilometres between me and my loved ones, 
I had a quiet day together with Fred: 

As soon as I got back to Estonia me and Reggie threw fabulous birthday party, 
the theme was called "Royal Circus". 
She had a blog Castle of Fashion back then and I was/am Wilma Circus, 
let's just say that we went nicely hand-in-hand:

Fred and I had a long-distant relationship back then and he couldn't fly over to Estonia for my birthday. 
He sent me bunch of flower with a courier, that was my first and seemed so fancy:

I lived in Stockholm and I spent the day together with Ott at an amusement park. 
That year this legendary picture was taken:

Few days later Charlie from Scotland and Wilma from Estonia had a joint party at a student housing. 
We had drama, we had fun, we were up until 7am. Such much good party:

I miss those crazy people!

From this year on the picture quality improved drastically (I stayed the same):

That was an eventful birthday!
 Fred had planned the whole day and we ended up at an adventure park 
and I glided through the forest like Tarzan:

Few days later I had a true Soviet party at my country side.

Also my friends gave me money to attend driving school.
23 and lucky!:

My boobs stopped growing, so I desperately tried to squeeze them together: 

That lucky moment when you have birthday on Friday 
and you can have a celebration at the same day:

A lot of quality boys in my life:

Again I lived in Stockholm and my friends threw me a birthday party, because poor me didn't have a home. 
It really made me happy, since we were having some difficult times. Thank you, Sollentuna family!
At midnight I got to blow the biggest candle in my life:

The next day, Sunday I had a slight hangover, but it was kissed away:

Not much has changed, I am so lucky to have so much love around me.
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!
Shake it, don't brake it,
my mama got 9 months to make it! 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

March and April through analog camera lens.

Let's wrap this spring up, as summer is loudly knocking on the door.
If I would die today then this is how March and April would flash in front of my eyes.

No biggie, me just chilling at Times Square:

Got inspired by 9/11 memorial architecture:

I was so excited about New York so I refused to sleep long, but Fred had other plans.
Flashed my boobs and all, nothing worked:

The city that never sleeps:

I was on a mission to find places suitable for screaming 

In New York, concrete jungle, wet dream, tomato:

Hopefully Gossip Girl sent out a SMS for all the elite socialites
 that I was sitting in Central Park and was looking fabulous:

These two pictures below describe perfectly my life.

1. The sunny awesome feeling that you feel 24 days every month...

2. The cold dark winter, the disgusting emotional roller-coster you feel when on period:

Bye, bye New York!
You were cool:

From fabulous big city life
to a dirty construction site:


Cocktails with my two favourite boys:  

We were getting used to with the fact that taxi rides to our new home were ridiculously cheap.
I was used to giving 13€ not 3€ to the driver, here I am all stunned:

At Easter we finally moved in to our new apartment
and celebration was in order:

It was nice to talk with friends instead of searching youtube "How to renovate you home" videos.
Hommikupoolne vahetus:

Goodbye Lauaviin and hello fancy cocktails!

Õhtune vahetus:

After you have served the cake, you expect everyone to leave:

But luckily good friends don't leave and stay until 4am.
The most interesting conversations happen always in the kitchen:

Spring warmth were are youuuu?