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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Air Bnb and Fred's Kinder Surprise.

Could I just build a time machine to go back to that moment when Fred walked in clueless and didn't know how much fun he is going to have? 
Never forget! Awesome. Such. Much. Surprise.

Here is analog chapter of

Water and grapefruit - seems like a Weight Watchers camp:

"So you wanted to tell me that this board game takes 6h to play?"

Contact lenses make eyes a bit creepy:

Our new friend does not know yet how well I ignore gravity:

00:00 and 'Bitch don't kill my vibe' vinyls

Checking out the girls' boobs (Ew. is a good guy and tries not to look):

Taking the boys on a test ride.


3! (my shampoo is cheap and awesome):

Double trouble (and buns so tight that I was just bouncing off the floor):

Koorekiht ja tanktop:

Year 2016 is already a success and it's only March.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Munadepühad. Påsk. Easter.

Did I really survive another winter? Is it safe to come out and see the daylight again? Spring is officially back from holiday and so is Fred (he went to the snowy Estonia for a whole week). I celebrated by buying new sunglasses and swimwear, can't even swim and earliest month to have them on is like three months away, however the sunglasses are a must right now:

Ah, fuck it. I'm really-really happy here, despite the fact that we will be homeless next month and I have this bloody bachelor thesis that seems the hardest thing in the world right now. 
Maybe not that smart, but still pretty (at least few more years):

So, this weekend we are celebrating that Jesus died. Didn't even know that Easter is so huge deal here in Sweden. They have more days off (Friday-Monday and Thursday is a joke) and they eat so much candy during five day celebrations that grocery stores order extra emergency candy and there's only syrup running in my veins. I got a påskägg at work:

Grown-up life sucks a bit,
instead of school holiday and pocket money you have two jobs and only 1h of Age of Empires a day. 
Tough life...but SPRING! Did I say it's spring? Yes it is spring: 

Changing clocks to summertime made me a bit winter-lag,
so confused when I ended work like 5PM and it was this bright outside:

Mother Stockholm and I:

Ok, bye must browse skyscanner.com and dream about my summer holiday.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

99 problems but a dog ain't one

Compared to last week and all the surprise birthday party vibes, this week has been ridiculously ordinary. My job contract got extended which has been highlight of the week. It means that finally I am a legit human being here in Sweden - gym memberships, internet banking and grocery store bonus cards HERE I COME! I have won the bureaucracy over, whoop! LÄBI SITA TÄHTEDE POOLE!

Fred is in Estonia for 8 days, meanwhile I am starfishing in our bed all alone and kissing Rori:

She's so cute I can eat her up:

Six workdays this week,
the furry antidepressant is all I need:

We have each other and that's all that matters:

What's up, dawg?

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Fred 25. Goodbye Youth Fare!

Now I am able to come out from the closet and tell you everything that I have been holding in secret. A month ago I realised that shiiiit Fred's birthday is coming up. I started brainstorming and came up like five different plans, yet after his besties sent me a screenshot of their itinerary it was confirmed that we were staying in Stockholm. Then I started to spend my time on Airbnb, since proper weekend needed a proper fancy apartment. You have no idea how hard it is to hide something from your significant other, when you share bank-account and 20m².
Finally the long-awaited weekend arrived.

The story begins with Thursday and how I left for work 6.25am and never returned home...  
At noon I got the keys for the apartment, which was better than on pictures (that never happens!).  
My balms were sweaty and my heart was razing, because at that moment I understood that shit got serious!:

Even the weather was on our side, because it was the hottest day of 2016 in Stockholm and I managed to get sunburned by chilling on the balcony. #whitegirlproblems:

Then the help-force arrived.
(NB! Short sleeves outside):

Actually it seemed like I had a birthday considering the perfect Chloé present I got from Erik!
After Õnne 13, Chloé is my longest love. At the age of 14 I started saving Chloé pictures on my computer, it was the only thing I could afford. At the age of 17 I visited Moscow and Chloé store the very first time. At the age of 22 I finally owned my own Chloé clothing. And now I have the bible!
I cried like a girl:

The day was soooo long as we had to wait the last friend to arrive to Stockholm before inviting Fred to the apartment. At that time I hadn't been at home for 12hours and had lied to Fred five thousand times. For example my friend tagged me on FB that I was in Nacka and we were having a girls-night.

I was so anxious that boys ordered me to take a bath.
Such. Much. Tough. Life.:

Then started the spectacle.
Our Stockholm friend Ewoud had asked Fred to "help him to carry one table he was planning to buy" and I had asked my Swedish friend to pretend to live at that apartment, otherwise I would have been impelled to go downstairs to open the door for Ewoud and Fred, which would have blown our cover.
Do you follow? Basically Fred just came to help a friend out and little did he know...
When they walked in I jumped out and said "Surprise! Romantic weekend getaway is on!". He was mind blown and when I started to show him around and behind every corner one friend jumped out, then his heart definitely skipped a beat.

Then it was time for explanations and "Sorry I lied to you! And sorry I was PMSing the whole month!":

The next day the weather was even warmer so 
we had to go downstairs (we lived above a shopping centre) to buy emergency sunglasses:

The birthday boy was enjoying his surprise staycation at posh Östermalm:

*no words needed, weekend well spent*

On Fred's birthday it was a must to play his favourite - the Game of Thrones board-game, 
which takes like 6 hours to play, no biggie. The apartment had a suitable furniture for playing it, 
here Erik is reading the rules on a Wooden Throne:

The battlefield (a lot of blood, tears and rape):

I guess I could have just rented the balcony,
because 90% of the time we were there:

The family dinners we had were top notch.
The birthday boy was pretty pleased too:

I got the Girlfriend of the Year Award, yet again.
I'm the 7th time Champion:

Never let an Estonian to pour you a drink:

Erik just showed me how his little son makes a "I just pooped and it felt good" face,
like father like son:

Sending hot vibes to their girls back home:

After levelling up our intoxication we thought it was a good idea to make three timer pictures with three cameras at the same time. However after pushing the button I ran and fell on my ass so bad that it was completely blue the next morning. Maybe some dirty jokes were made because of that the whole weekend:

Fred now works out and can lift me up with one hand.
Do you even lift?:

I take dancing to Beyoncé music verrrrry seriously.
I feel so sexy screaming "WATERMELONS!":

Then we started to ignore the gravity:

Some tank-tops and 6am discussions later, we woke up still alive.
Our vision was as blurry as we are on the picture:

Although Fred's birthday had lasted already three days, Saturday was the real real date.
25 yet looks like 5:

No friendship here,
just fighting the gravity and holding the breakfast down:

Fred's birthday wish was to go to eat hot-dogs at Günter's Korv, a legendary stand in Stockholm where there is an one hour queue. I shit you not. It all does make sense after you have taken the first bite. Ott is just holding a warm-up, since the real deal is huuuuuuuuge (look at the sausage selection back there) 

So little is needed for happiness -
good company + massive hot-dog + random stair/chair:

Saturday evening we got more guests:

And it was time to eat the birthday cake (well done Ewoud!):

Saturday night took us all around Stockholm,
we started with Julian's birthday and Melodifestivalen:

And ended up making new awesome friends at Södermalm:

On Sunday I had to work,
however boys Netflixed and chilled:

Well, I was sad to leave the apartment and check-out, 
but thumbs up for the whole weekend! 

The operation was full success. Thank you everyone involved! 
Happy birthday Fred, luvs!