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Sunday, December 31, 2023

Wilma Circus in December 2023 – joyful end of the year

The month was full of iconic events: Totside jõulud, Näiteka reunion & karaoke at House 10
New job and the support of the closest ones – it was a great end of the year.

The new morning views:

The chosen family:

If only she could, Pebbles would hang with Ian every day:

Jesus' birthday:

Suspicious Pebbles is suspicious:

The kid is falling, 
but I'm mom cool:

New Year's Eve and we're ready for 2024:

Thursday, December 28, 2023

House 10 karaoke

There's a new kid on the block – Von Krahl is dead,
long live House10. There's private rooms to rent and you can sing as loud & proud as you want. 

Not a single sore throat will come between 
Zara Larsson's Lush Life and me. 

Laulurahvas! EESTI! EESTI!

Last supper before karaoke:

Snacks and tracks:

The first room was called Circus.
Wilma felt like home:

We didn't even have time to take our jackets off,
when Ian was already onstage willkommening us:

Liis Lemsalu serves us well:

The ultimate manager was tired of being behind the scenes.
She became the #1 star:

Houdini & *poof* it's gone: 

The carpets so clean, the mind so dirty:

One up the bum, no harm done:

He is out of fucks to give:

It's our renaissance: 

And just like that the microphones run out of batteries.
No worries, the manager got us a VIP room to continue in:

She usually kills paparazzis:

Too heavy for one hand:

A big round of applause for Krissu,
who took over my camera:

The VIP room was very mossy:

The pussy cat claws:

Clap like a queen:

Adele? Beyonce? Estelle? Ines?
They all are there:

Karaoke is a true sport,
one must rest a little in between:

Work bitch!

In here we're superstars:

The hand is gracious: 

The most beautiful sink we've ever seen,
so we covered it up:

The only customers in the House10:

3h of sipping Martinis:

Thank you Ian for getting us together twice a year:

Thursday, December 21, 2023

Näiteka reunion

Theatre school had a very big impact on my life. To this day I have close friends that I found from Näitekas. Nevermind the ex-boyfriends and more drinking than should be allowed. 
Also, that's the place where I learned to speak up. Never silent, always thinking, never waiting for any praise.

Long live Maret & Toomklubi!

This is how the day started:

The grand old lady, but does not age a single bit:

Look how diverse emotions we can show:

This how it ended the day after.
Still at Ian's. Iconic:

Let's bring out the memory lane:

Us, in Moscow 2008:

The queen and the bunny:

L.V. and dead braincells:

The weirdest and strongest bond:

We were the best, fuck the rest:

Sunday, December 17, 2023

Totside jõulud / Holiday lasses 2023

2017, 2018, 2021, 2022 – one-off events are so yesterday, traditions excite me so much more. The world may fall apart, but Totside jõulud with excessively overflowing glamour and outstanding
 powerpoint presentations are the centre if we spin away.

Friendsmas at its finest:

Cotton candy + tonic = the most instagrammable drink ever:

Few moments later, we're still making social media content:

She bangs, she bangs.
Oh baby, when she moves, she moves:

The circle of vadž, 
we educate each other with Powerpoint presentations:

"Are you ready for group pictures?"

This one I picked, because only Paula noticed the glitter ball on the floor:

This one I picked, because we are working like rent is due tomorrow:

This one I picked, because Epp & Gerda have this cute kawaii vibe:

This one I picked, because the angles are just right:

This one I picked, because we dare to smile:

This I picked, because "Everybody move":

This I picked, because we're loose cannons:

This I picked because of me:

Igor brings us 2024:

7 + 2:

Humble queen:

See you in 2024: