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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Wilma Circus in March 2020 aka COVID-19 diary

This post changed from documenting my mood and outfits 
to coronavirus crisis survival diary. 
Just baffled. What. the. actual. fuck.

1st of March
Binge watched Formula 1 Netflix series the whole day
and was not ashamed of my no-lifeing
(later edit: so I did quarantine lifestyle before it was cool?):

2nd of March
I was sick only during the weekend and on Monday I was back on track.
Employee of the month – right there:

3rd of March
Got fashion inspo from my dining table:

4th of March
I felt goooooood, I looked goooooood:

5th of March
Coronavirus made my mad and sad,
since our dream trip in the of month might be cancelled 
(SPOILER ALERT: it was):

6th March
Had a chatty afterwork with colleagues, which felt like bridge over troubled water.
Aaaand I dressed up like a big pussy cat:

7th of March
Netflix and chill and pancakes
(later edit: note to self, go out more, when it is not quarantine period):

8th of March
Running away from climate change, Australia bush fires and coronavirus.

9th of March
I thought insomnia was my biggest problem that week.
Little did I know that COVID-19 has other plans:

10th of March
The crisis started to escalate, which made me numb in feelings.
I just wanted to hide in my safe bed: 

11th of March
Shit got real and I was sent to mandatory home office.
By personal struggles did not feel relevant anymore, I continued to be absolutely baffled: 

12th of March
My dear Fred had a birthday, which felt like pidu katku ajal.
It was the birthday you tell your grandchildren about,
because state of emergency was announced on that day:

13th of March
We went on full quarantine mode and did the last emergency grocery shopping.
I panicked and spinned away:

14th of March
Close family member was diagnosed with COVID-19, that fact once and for all
cancelled our trip to Japan, which would have marked our 10th anniversary together.
I mean, it was, of course, only possible decision, but it still cut my heart into pieces.

15th of March
My dog gets fatter, because the lack of outdoor time.
He did not know that it was a crisis going on, probably he thought that we were just lasy:

16th March
Felt ashamed over that lack of equality.
Who could work from home and still get paid? I could, but not all.
Who could avoid public transportation? I could, because I have a car.
Who could buy tonnes of food and toilet paper? I could, because I had money and time.
Who didn't have to worry about rent being paid or childcare problems? I didn't, but not all.
Yes, one has time to think at home:

17th of March
Made peace with cancelling the Japan trip (which was not the biggest problem around)
and embraced the fact that world was upside down:

18th of February
My three favourite meals are
boxed, frozen and canned:

19th of March
Crisis did not cancel spring,
so here we were checking it out from safe distance:

20th of March
I was running out of places to take pictures,
until I started thinking outside the box closet:

21st of March
As we might be infected, then we were in full isolation. Owning a dog at that moment was not easy. 
We took our car. Drove to an empty field. Held few kilometre distance with other people:

22nd of March
My workout routine consist of putting on training clothes and let Fred do all the work:

23rd of March
Not a good day physically and mentally:

24th of March
I took few birch branches home and Fred got an allergic reaction.
Great success:

 25th of March
Quarantine changes a person, so Mrs. I-never-watch-new-shows-only-Friends-100th-time 
started with Mad Men. And it hit the ceiling!

26th of March
Sunny weather didn't stop, glad that we had to stay in to avoid the spring madness:

27th of March
3PM we flew to Japan via Helsinki.
The flight was nice, we order Wolt food and luckily jet lag did not hit hard.
(Shopping malls closed that day in Estonia):

28th of March
Calendar still says "Japan",
so fake it until you make it:

29th of March
Our dog became really unhappy because of lack of outdoor time, 
so we left him at the countryside (with granny supervision). It felt truly weird without him, since he is my centre if I spin away. Best therapy dog in these rough times. However, pooper needs to run and poop outside whenever he wants. In the same time Fred and I went to Paldiski. 
No dog. No people. 

30th March
Old news: still at home.
Fresh news: online grocery shopping has become main national sport. 
At midnight, when new delivery times arrive, we set alarms and fight in the virtual queue.

31st of March
I had managed to take pictures of myself 91 days straight –
that was my contribution to this major historical event: