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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Ian took Wilma out on a tour

Wilma Circus is back! 
Hopefully you have missed me, otherwise it would be awkward to acknowledge that life without blogging feels so incomplete. 
Blogz 4ever!
School holiday started and I took some time off 
from work, in other words  I feel great! 
It's time to blow the dust off from my camera 
and take the circus out on tour. 

Last weekend my main squeeze Ian came home for the holidays 
and we had more fun than should be allowed:

I offer you these delicious apples:

I don't need no apple from you:

But these apples are so GRRRREAT!:

Alright! An apple a day, keeps doctor away:

Our apples bring all the boys to the yard:

That moment, when you let all the stress fart out
and become a new person:


The youthful + three bizarre old men:

We meet twice a year,
let's make it count:

We tell people that we are brother and sister,
they all think that we have strange family:

Randomly, here is my street-smart-casual friend
looking real good:

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