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Sunday, November 08, 2020

The finale Hans & Maria

Already few months ago I made a turn on my career path. 
Such. Much. Big. Girl.
Now it's time to look back on how one night stand (temporary summer job) turned into a marriage (stayed longer than expected).

Also, I'll just leave this here:

This peace sign was given out on my last day at work,
when my Baltic colleagues sent me big bouquet of flowers.

But first, let's start from the beginning.

I don't have any pictures of my first day at work, because everything was super secret like working at FBI.
Here is a moment before we opened the first store. There were so many of us, that we had 
assemble outside near the trash cans:  

All black like security guards that had to control the long queue outside:

First store was a stepping stone, because the second one mattered the most.
The second one we called home. 
I was pretty lucky with my first managers:

Pulling Mr. T = ignoring gravity like a king:

The original gang was the MVP.
The was no new recruitment for almost a year, we stayed together strong:

There were plenty of personalities that usually wouldn't match, but we made it work.
There were many that wanted to be part of our team (like the random guy on the left):

Some celebrate 420.
We celebrate 402 Men's Department:

My responsibility was to organise the first Christmas party.

We were so bloody extra:

Look at this girl with a Blackberry getting the first taste of new tasks:

We worked (too) hard, but we partied harder: 

Everything else could be a mess, but dresscode was a MUST:

The bold and the beautiful:

It is now safe to say that that we ended up at Club Hollywood Linkin Park special:

One sweet memory of Tallinn Fashion Week:

One very dark night we all wore black,
but at least our reflector game was strong:

I carried and tossed those ladies around.
I hated them and loved them at the same time:

My favourite collection of all times.
Together with not so favourite haircut:

Suddenly I realised that all is good, but I needed some more.
With a heavy heart decided to I leave Estonian glamoure:

This was my last day at work before heading to Sweden.
Sometimes lose, always win:

Spoiler alert!
Little did she know that in few years she will become my work wife:

My stupid self just could not enjoy the comfortable zone 
and had to move to another country and start from the scratch.
Luckily the Hans & Maria group sticks together and I found my new gang:

How I got this far?
I have been really blessed with my managers. 
JAPP! JAPP! The Queen, Judy L:

Opening new stores became my speciality:

These were definitely toughest times in my life, 
besides proving myself, I had to express my thoughts in a completely new language.
"I am much funnier in my native language" did not amuse anybody:

But I fucking did it, I learned fast, I had amazing support around.
Not only did I succeed career wise, but I made really great friends: 

The people might change around me, but the Hans & Maria values stayed the same:

The motherland called and offer me a job. I took it!
This is my last day at Monki:

That very evening everyone shower up to say their goodbyes.
EVERYONE! Those who work in shifts, know how special this is:

Moved back to Estonia to become a H&M Beauty again.
One of my first days back. Our team day in Helsinki:

My photoshop skill always unites people:

Being minimal was not a trend back then:

My new job made me worry:

But mostly I faked it until I made it:

Fashion trends come and go, but Mr. T is the stability symbol:

It's very hard not to smile to the camera:

Assessing the food quality, the air quality, the mood quality and everything between.
No place for failure:

Long days at work, overtime, sometimes bringing stress and exhaustion home.
He has always supported me along the way:

I quickly learned that although I love my work and my colleagues are the sweetest,
it's better to have a day off on your birthday than sit in Excel (it took me years to realise that): 

We spent a lot of time in Helsinki and enjoyed the local culture:

Success day was when you weren't wearing the same clothes with your colleague.
That made us very happy:

This is still the most memorable off-site that can never be beaten.
Team lead just comes with a little boat and says "Jump in":

On a small island far-far away, our team lead welcomed us to her cottage.
Mind blown!

We didn't choose the Mökki life, the Mökki life chose us.
The best place to have a team meeting:

I became more and more fashionable:

It seems like we only had fun and games,
but nobody got time to make pictures during busy worktimes:

God bless the polaroid camera our office had:

It's a great feeling to find your tribe and click with people.
AND to be invited to a wedding of which I still talk legends about:

And just like that 5 years had gone by:

In good and in bad
there was always a pure joy to walk into the office:

I still play the maddest Spotify lists:

If workload was high, I forgot my name and 
put a nametag on so I would be able to remember:

That dream moment when New York was my office:

I saw Naomi Campbell in real life: 

I returned home to tell tales about what did I saw abroad:

Yes, you can sit with us:

Let's take one for the team:

We have tried for years to make him an influencer,
Selected by Mr. T:

I somehow rolled the lucky dice twice and had another work trip to U, S & A.
If you're going to San Francisco, make sure you have a condom on your T-shirt:

The amazing Sedona desert. The dream:

Again, I survived and returned home to tell the tales:

It was a hectic time in my life, since I did my master's degree 
and didn't say no to any work opportunities. 
So for a moment there I wanted to hide behind the mannequins:

You name a city. I definitely have an office and colleagues there.
The world is our oyster:

Riga-Vilnius-Tallinn love:

I would like to be remembered as that professional colleague 
who did great work with always great spirits:

  Added some sparkle to the team with an office dog:

Couldn't do any magic without our little helpers:

New boss, new team pictures:

Always reading that marketing and PR bible to step up my game:

Less Helsinki, more Warsaw:

Helping my Latvian sisters out:

Doing some magic back at home:

I appreciate colleagues who share my passion towards seafood:

Keeping it simple:

Team Straight Forward: 

Always one team:

We are the dinos in the local company, but damn we work fast:

Yes, you can guess my role in the team: 

7 years flew by like a dream. 
This is me on my last de facto day at work.
Peaceful. Sad. Humble. Appreciative. 

Actually I had to drop off some things later on, but I kept the dress code aligned. 
Said goodbye to the friend who never talked back:

RIP my staff discount.
This is me picking up the final goods:

Bitch are you back again!?
I'm such a fraud and have had plenty of "Lasts" in the company,
but this is surely the final mirror selfie in that room.

Find your tribe, I found mine.
Tack så jättemycket!

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