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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Last week there, this week here

Not in Sweden anymore, but Tallinn has also much to offer.

Always buy your drink before 10PM:

Hate Valentine's day but...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!:

Party up and have it you way:

Calculator lovers having a good time:

We got some male action:

This has gone too far. Yes, I'm ready to go out:

Jag hittade en jättevacker kille:

Jag är hans groupie x 2:

I'd rather dance than talk with you:

In Tallinn, we're all friends tonight:

Only town in the world, where you can hear: "Next stop: Kosmos":

If I die before I wake, praise the lord my soul to take:

head ööd või siis tere hommikust.


vilja said...

Haha, oh a happy day it was!

Wilma Circus said...

you is alive?

vilja said...

i am very much alive considering the fact that i have slept only an hour + the bus ride home:D

ja täna tuleb veel movie night nii et vaatame, kas ma homme hommikul end üles ajada suudan;D

Unknown said...

Now, when everybody is STILL among the living, the saga can continue.


Wilma Circus said...

on esmaspäeva hommik kell 4 - I'm messed up, I'm messed up real bad.