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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The sweet escape

Me and Regina In Helsinki

Hmmm, where are we going?:

Dynamic duo (I'm naked):

It knows who its mommy is:

Happy eyes:

Peace, love and THAT dress:

Prison break in:

Fashion slippers:

This is toilet?

Today is a good day to have a good day:

If we were a chemical element it would be Awesomium:

STOP! Ice-cream time!:

Work hard. Have fun. No drama:

Dressed to kill:

Shopping is cheaper than psychiatrist:

Love= like x like

It's exhausting being this fabolous:

Hairy woman is so today:


A dwarf standing on the way:

...but I love Stockholm more:


Ready to wear:

The best Figura:

Give me your second hand:

Drink the wild air:

Keep your feet on the ground when your head is in the clouds:

Life is fun!


regina said...

funfunfun! :)

Wilma Circus said...

We make a good team.

Anonymous said...

Kus see figura asub?

Wilma Circus said...

ma uurin järele. mäluga on kehvasti

Wilma Circus said...

Play it again
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