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Monday, May 23, 2011

My 20th birthday

My day began quite early, because relatives from Sweden and Estonia totally ignored the time difference. Still, I was the happiest I have ever been waking at 7 AM. After receiving a bunch of flowers, the 22th of May was so on! Due to our low budget I didn't receive any presents. Nonetheless, I SIMPLY ADORE birthdays (mine, other's). Seems like I am just easy to please.
Few days ago I went shopping and found a dress on sale. HALLELUJAH! I didn't show it to my Mister, so he had to wait after Rapture day was over and my birthday was on. He did like it:

In the afternoon we went out to take a sip of "champagne but not quite yet":

I cry every time I remember that there's no Savetskoje in the UK. This sentence reminds me that instead of wishing me "Happy birthday" my friends preferred: "I hope you will never run out of L.V. and Savetskoje". Makes you think:

Tyra Banks would be so proud of the Gentleman in the background, he is working from H to T:

Maybe you remember that two months ago Kaur became 20 and we had a sign on the wall. Yesterday he made some rearrangements. K and R are original. KAUR 20 became KRistel 20

Due to our low budget I had to sell my body, just so we could go out in the evening:

Colgate and Twilight comercial:

Restaurant a.k.a. the place that took our opportunity to eat before June (our last pennies went there, but it was oh-so-worth it)

What else there is to say? If life gives you tits then squeeze them together to make them seem bigger:


regina said...

A little correction: Now you have to wait a month and 9 days to have a birthday partyyyy woopwoop!!!

Wilma Circus said...

One more time?! uuuuuuuuuuuush-uuuuuuush

Anonymous said...

oh muss olete nii armsad!