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Sunday, April 13, 2014

W.T.Drones (OSM008) at Ulme + with Trammi at NoKu.

Every weekend since February I've had the early shifts at work. Contrary to my 17 year old me - who would have partied until 4AM and still would have gone straight to go to work at 7AM - I need my beauty sleep, otherwise I'm a monster, a very ugly and grumpy monster. Therefore no party for me.
But last Friday it was time to hit the town again. I whatsapped (yes, I'm now in XXI century with my new phone. loco-poco sugar loops) Trammi, because I really needed some girl time. What's the best place for to ladies to do some girl talk? Ironically NoKu.

She just came back from Malaysia and Thailand, 
so I photoshopped her paler:

We so did not hide all the bottles in front us and leave only classy little glass there...:

"He is stupid", "She's a bitch with an itch" - stereotypical va-dšei-dšei talk all the way until my boyfriend joined us and we were  ought to come back to reality.
Look at those angels (emme-issi lumehelbed):

Õllenaut joined us on the picture:

United with best Triins there is.

Threw some panties at my boyfriend:

Oh, well. Forgot to say that we continued to Ulme, W.T. Drones vinyl release party.
He sang upside-down. How the fuck?:

Bang, bang, boogie:

It was dull without Sam, so I called him. 
He came, but not sure if he went to work the next day. Love him still:


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