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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mr.Gay Finland

In May I was dazed and confused enough to agree with jogging at SEB marathon. Half way through I took the bus home, to be fair the bus stop was temptingly nearby... I'm not proud, but luckily cruise coupons to Helsinki eased my pain:

I've been to Finland only twice. The word only must be underlined because for an Estonian it means "What the hell is wrong with you". Basically the first thing people say after finding out my lack of experience with the North Pole/Finland is: "How is it possible?" The answer is simple Borta bra men Sverige bäst. 
The trip to Helsinki in June became more meaningful than ever, since while living in Stockholm I met two awesome Finnish gentleman Eero and Juho. Finno-Ugric bonds, yo.
Sadly I didn't meet up Juho as he is a family man now and was probably killing something in the woods somewhere in up north. As I learned from my Finnish course mate in Stockholm uni, he showed us powerpoint about animals he had killed. Simples.

What are the odds that this was going on in Helsinki when I was visiting Eero:

Eero knows how to welcome me. 
He put on his most fabulous T-shirt:

We did some walking around with fellow Finns. 
Never mind the stories I've heard about Finns being cold and slow, on that day they were pretty cheerful and full of emotions:

*honk if you're gay*

"Please, you are very welcome to visit me in Tallinn. You have to come to Estonia anyways when you run out of alcohol." We do get each other.

This time no fuck from Finnish police:

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