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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Alexander Wang x H&M

PREview is so overrater, AFTERview is all that matters. 
Especially when all the AW x H&M has sold out in stores. 
Such. Crazy. Time. At. Work. 

Mannequins = heartless b****es with fabulous clothes 
(yes, I use now asterisks. big changes in my life):

Never mind the wrong kind of film roll I had in my camera, 
yet another reason for Fred to push me towards digital one: 

Alexander Wang - gives you the confidence to wear crop tops.
The Siberia weather - the reason why to put a hoodie over it:

Food is best on top of each other: 

Some are more suitable to wear Wang than others:

A(W) - team:

Two moms took their kids to the playground: 

DAMN, IT WAS SO GREAT! Thank you, Alexander for making me use caps lock:

Turning back to music I was listening few years back.
These James Blake tracks blew my mind in 2012, since they are meant to be played at the same time. 
Mixing on youtube is all I do nowadays:

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