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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Carlovich 1⁄4 of 100 at Kuressaare

The story how I went to Saaremaa and surprised Carlovich.
How could I have stayed home when it was his birthday and préimääääär of a theatre play Ekke Moor.
I love him from tip to toe (even his fingers)

I woke up quite early to catch the morning bus to Kuressaare, 
since I had booked a driving licence theory exam there.
A little toughie before face down ass up.

Carlovich had no idea that I was coming. 
I'm very pleased that he has a girlfriend now, 
which makes it so much easier to plan surprises:

There were a lot celebrations to carry out - 
the premier of Ekke Moor and the birthday of Mister Carlovich. 
So even Papa & Mama Carlovich came to Kuressaare.

The father is giving last tips about how to be an old angry man
(which he is clueless about, since he is neither angry nor old):

B R A V O!:

Good reviews were waiting for the actors:

I'm bad at math, but I do realise that 
an actors energy loss at the premier = n x 1000.
Eat up!:

Suddenly became midnight and Carlovich 25 years ran him over.
Everybody's pretty happy to have an old friend like him.:

Free hugs:

This photo I will take with to her Tähelaev:

Having a little blast at the backstage.
"The beauty salon in Kazakstan":

I'm Anne and he is Stiil
(ps. the burst of hair spray is not visible, but it was very there)

Night was full of surprises and new lovely acquaintances,
especially when you were waiting in the queue for toilets.
"Pull my hair and call me crazy.":

A little beauty sleep and "Happy birthday to you" later:

My gift to him
Meryl Streep.":

This photo I will take with to his Tähelaev
(Meryl loves hats too):

De la casa Saaremäel was top notch:

"Roosiaias ringi kuningas käib..."

We such much 

"Johadii, how big castle!":

The nun and the skeleton:

High up near the sky:

"Tell us stories, wise old man!":

Ice cream with the family.
(I still get compliments about people thinking I'm Carlovich' sister.):

National Geography live feed: 

"Sunglasses - buy them, wear them, enjoy them."

He has his "Will-eat-you-up" face on:

We did like we were told.
Shop until you drop:

Best purchase of 2015...no! actually...whole my life!!!
Meryl Sheep.":

When parents are united, magic happens:

Sadly work awaited me back home and I had to leave before the birthday party.
However I got these two handsome British pilots and a nice view.

Bye, bye Saaremaa.
Was nice.

Long live Carlovich!

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