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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Few moments of joy before depression

Little update from Stockholm.
I'm now totally settled in, which means I have watched a whole season of Paradise Hotel (Swedish Jersey Shore) and have survived cinnamon roll overdose. My vocabulary of Swedish curse words and slang has increased enormously. 
Having so much free time sucks hard yet in the same time is such a bliss - my bachelor thesis is half done and Õnne 13 wikipedia is slowly growing (it just takes me about 30 years to finish).
The job interviews I have had are in the same way contrasting. I have not received any of the positions I have applied for, yet received such good feedback and still offered a job. I'm shitty yet nice?
Luckily I don't have to bitch about the weather, although it's freezing the sun has been out every day. Rain, who?

The autumn glory.
Few moments of joy before depression:

To keep the mind sharp play Game of Thrones board game.
The Queen has some conquering to do:

Still enjoying my driving licence,
in the same time Fred is enjoying his vodka shots:

Old deskmates enjoy their Friday night Mojitos:

Life is harder, but love keeps me going.

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