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Monday, March 28, 2016

Munadepühad. Påsk. Easter.

Did I really survive another winter? Is it safe to come out and see the daylight again? Spring is officially back from holiday and so is Fred (he went to the snowy Estonia for a whole week). I celebrated by buying new sunglasses and swimwear, can't even swim and earliest month to have them on is like three months away, however the sunglasses are a must right now:

Ah, fuck it. I'm really-really happy here, despite the fact that we will be homeless next month and I have this bloody bachelor thesis that seems the hardest thing in the world right now. 
Maybe not that smart, but still pretty (at least few more years):

So, this weekend we are celebrating that Jesus died. Didn't even know that Easter is so huge deal here in Sweden. They have more days off (Friday-Monday and Thursday is a joke) and they eat so much candy during five day celebrations that grocery stores order extra emergency candy and there's only syrup running in my veins. I got a påskägg at work:

Grown-up life sucks a bit,
instead of school holiday and pocket money you have two jobs and only 1h of Age of Empires a day. 
Tough life...but SPRING! Did I say it's spring? Yes it is spring: 

Changing clocks to summertime made me a bit winter-lag,
so confused when I ended work like 5PM and it was this bright outside:

Mother Stockholm and I:

Ok, bye must browse skyscanner.com and dream about my summer holiday.

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