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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Know your lines and don't bump into the furniture.

Last week my brain started to itch and my heart needed some boost, which made me realise that it has been oh-so-terribly long since I went to the theatre (last July!). I usually watch a play at least twice a month, because theatre in Estonia is top notch.  Like really, üle prahi. There's not a lot of countries where Musical and Film-industry hasn't killed the Classical Theatre. Also Estonians really like to go to theatre as well, considering that tickets are usually sold out month or even two months before the actual date. So last week I googled a bit, found out that theatre tickets are really cheap here in Stockholm, bought them day before the play and got excellent seats. Like whaaat? Money well spent, next week again (cheap-cheap-cheap, so it can even be crap-crap-crap).

The girl, who has seen only two films - Titanic and Home Alone,
however lives and breathes for theatre:

(Btw 99.99% of audience had grey hair and I was an unicorn among them. However the manners they had oh my, some of them had outerwear on and they ate candy during the performance. The old people nowadays...)

Missing my Laumets:


After this week's mind stimulation, the body needed also something,
so we bought a new family member:

Jesus is watching me practise (hope I won't break a leg)

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