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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Jag kommer att gip härifrån - Last day at work.

I am sitting at Arlanda airport and waiting for my boarding. 
This is it! I am leaving Stockholm for now and new adventures await. 
*fights tears*
This a story about my last day at work and a "Goodbye" party full of so much love that no words cannot describe how blessed, thankful and happy I am to have had the possibility to meet these lovely people. MINA GÄRIS 

"Käraste Kristel, kollega och vän Baltikum väntar och vi får ses sen I livets ryggsäck bär du på glitter Så mycket mer värme än de flesta besitter. När du svär på svenska blir jag helt kär Om du hatar H&M har du en plats här Glöm inte bort oss för vi kommer minnas I kingarnas hjärta kommer du finnas Saknar dig redan bästa du Ikväll ska vi skratta men det är sorgligt just nu." - Linn G

Last morning start together.
Waking up ungodly hour and starting your workday 7am makes the people loco poco sugarloops:

Chocolate cake + alcohol-free bubbly + strong coffee = cray-cray sugar rush:

It felt really strange to have the last day at work.
Tried to say goodbye to my bitches, but they just turned their backs on me:

A small power-nap later it was time to pop the champagne,
liquid dinner was in order:

"One more drink, madame!":

And then they kissed and lived happily ever after:

The moment you find out that Estrella chips aren't 100% vegan:

I can't believe that so many people showed up!
I can't believe how much fun we had!
I can't believe how well my camera self-timer works:

M O N K I !:

Kendall Jenner and us:

One does not simply miss Idol Sverige and Liam Cacatian.
Makes girls happy since 1997...wait what?! how old is he?!:

The silence between chaos and party moment,
Liam made us breathless and our bodies started to feel weird:

Hej, hej.

Norrlänningar have the warmest smile
because it needs to melt all the snow and ice away:

Gangsta rap made me do it:

The moment you remember that you have a day off tomorrow: 

Biting my plastic cup makes me feel sexy:

Monki is one fertile workplace:

"Hmm, moving to Stockholm might have had the best idea ever!":

"I'll just rest my face for a little":

The moment I speak Swedish and people are like "What the hell is she saying??!":

The usual. Rape from Göteborg:

"Oh, I didn't know that the picture is taken.":

Time for emotional speeches:

She delivered a poem she wrote for me (look at the beginning of this post).
Aaaaaaand I started crying. So fucking grateful!:

The moment you try to be as energetic as your friend, 
but you just need that extra drink before:

It's Friday! Friday!
Gotta get down on Friday!:

The beatmaster Chrystal Cunt and the rap queen Cebbe Cash (och hemliga Jonny):

Some snaps were received and sent out:

The moment you forget the lyrics,
however the crowd is still pleased:

Always got her back:

Time to say "Hej Då"!

The last ones standing:

Lucky that my ass fit into the frame:

When it's time to head to the club 
and you look like a queen:

Stay calm and techno!:

Blurry dance-floor with mah göörls!

Then it was time to leave. Ebba and I had a glamorous 4am McDonald's dinner/breakfast. I was a bit drunk as I ordered "One McDonald meal, please". FOOD I NEED DAMN IT! The next morning I woke up to a phone-call from my boyfriend, who came to pick my stuff up. Needless to say I had slept 4h and was probably still drunk (no beauty-sleep, just ugly-sleep) 
Here he is testing if my pulse is still beating:

The love shared that night gives me so much energy now. 
TACK och jag älskar er!

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