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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Quick drinks in Stockholm

After making the "Best of 2016" post I became holmsick (adjective; unhappy because of being away from Stockholm for a long period
so I was like hey, you got to use them SAS youth tickets while you can! I don't want to sound like an old lady, but time flies so fast and it has already three months since I moved away from there! Btw on Friday (20.01) Sweden reached the population of 10 million, so celebrations were in order.

On Friday evening I ran straight from work to the airport and I cannot deny that some vodkas were bought at the tax-free. Yes, I am the only idiot who goes to the second most expensive country to party. 
I hate money, but I love the town:

Quick catch-ups later with my sweetest gäris
we were already on the tunnelbana on our way to find some fun:

The only thing I didn't miss about Stockholm were the terribly long queues everywhere. Sorry, not sorry, but we crashed the SKAM FEST at Debaser Strand. No queue. No ticket. No quilt. Just a lot of fun.
(source Debaser Strand)

3am? Home? No!
Blurry taxi-ride after we were at Under Bron, where a lot of guys wanted to be our friends, 
however we only had eyes for the legendary elevator guy. 
He has been pushing the knobs (literally) since forever, what a great job:

6am we were eagerly trying to find Max, but ended up at McDonald's instead 
and found a guy who was in love with Årsta. Such much crazy in love.

The morning after I did some touristy things:

Charged my Swedish batteries:

No long story, just & Other Stories.
So hangover + zipper didn't not close = still hot:

Sture-P, the Posh Spice lives there:

More friends (and yes, I lived at the &OS):

Kungsgatan has a special place in my heart:

Girls just want to have funDAMENTAL RIGHTS!

The future is female:

My girls and I, we went to a gaybar and danced four hours straight.
How very Swedish:

Sunday was time to pack my things together, watch the last glimpse of Swedish TV (we chose Gladiator) and go to & OS one more time:

Cicci Sissi Cissi 
That girl is golden, will miss her så jävla mycket!

Malcolm B - Gäris

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