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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Kendrick Lamar at Stockholm

Few weeks ago I had this casual meet-up with Kedrick Lamar in Stockholm. 
It was a magical date!
Where the black is darkest, 
the glow will shine brightest

Stockholm and I had a steady relationship until I started cheating her with Tallinn.
We had not seen for over a year:

I had the joy to take another IKEA virginity while teaching "Sweden for beginners" course:

Like literally straight from the airport to IKEA.
At the background there's a sign "Because sometimes you regret things", 
however during that day NO REGRETS!:

Our AirBnb was top notch, 
also Erik & Laura even had time to drop by Riga and buy cheap booze:

During the first night we ended up at the BackDoor
and the "Sweden for beginner" course continued fully:

Staying alive in the creepy yet stylish elevator built in 1927:

 Waking up early to go to the Kendrick Lamar pop-up store,
however the queue was crazy long and we decided that we were too old for this shit:

Of course & Other Stories was just around the corner
to ease the pop-up store pain:

Bags full of pleasure:

Then we went to Günters Korv, which serves the best hotdogs in the world. 
The hype is real and one hour queue is worth it
(Erik is dreaming about sausages):

Also, I had missed Sweden so much, even all the fishy bits:

Estonian-Swedish cultural exchange just before Kung-Fu Kenny showed up:

After James Blake (whom I love deeply)
the king arrived:

I jumped. They jumped. I sang. They sang. 
100 points out of 10:

The singalong was insane:

Stockhome at its finest:

We took the boat back to Tallinn, since it was cheap and cheerful.
It was more fun than should be allowed:

Also, about eight years ago on that exact ferry, at Fast Food 25h to be precise,
our love story began. 
The Love boat:

After seeing Kendrick Lamar live
his life changed:

The happy faces BEFORE the all you can eat buffet,
some food babies were born later on:

It was my pleasure:

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