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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Random summer cocktail

I do blog only when something big happens in my life - travels, concerts, celebrations. My compulsive self, who needs to categorise everything, is very troubled, when it comes to handling 
the random moments of life.
However, these lovely glimpses are so blissful that
 I just have to show you these.

Tammsaare wrote:
"Tee tööd ja näe vaeva, siis tuleb ka armastus!"
and another classic said: 
"You see me I be work, work, work, work, work, work 
You see me do me dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt":

Day after operation, my ass is on fire, but my smile is big,
because we have been planning to eat more salad this year:

Street photographer capturing Paris Forest Week style:

After Scotland the lack of fish and chips in my life was killing my mood.
Luckily Street Food Festival gave yummy for my tummy:

Trying to show off that leg muscle that does not yet exist:

Got a wedding invitation (yay!) so a dress rehearsal was in order.
Major spoiler alert:

Fred gave me a bicycle for my birthday and now I am rollin'
they all hatin':

Worked at our Finnish office some days and tried some very shitty cider.

Invaded one random island with my colleagues near Helsinki 
and I survived the boat ride! #kesä #soumi

Working at Helsinki office terribly affects my bank account,
since there are some Stories to tell:

When you see that your friend tries to grow a beard,
but you see that nothing is happening and you try to be supportive,
although your face expression is very doubtful: 

If lake would be vodka and I would be a duck
I would jump in and drink my way up:

I love those warm summer evenings when it gets dark for only two hours.
You can sit outside, put every possible thing on the grill and enjoy thousands of
mosquitos simultaneously bite you on every millimetre of skin:

That smirk, when you remember that it is summer.

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