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Sunday, September 16, 2018

How we got a dog?

Last three weeks we have had a third edition to our family, 
a dog named Šarik. 
*still cannot believe it*

I have always had a dog and a cat, for me family without animals is just silly. We have had the talk with Fred for quite some time. To be fair we even googled a bit, joined some Facebook groups to get into the "Dog people" cycle, but this all was planned to become reality after I had graduated. But sometimes life just happens.

1. Besides puppies we also checked shelter dogs all around Estonia 
and every time we ended up on Šarik in Valga:

2. During the summer we stumbled on his picture again and again,
until one August day we decided to finally meet him. 
Several hour drive. 
The heartbreak that shelters have to offer. 
The unforgettable first glimpse at Šarik.
We just knew that we could not leave him there:

3. It was barely three weeks ago, but the below picture just brakes my heart.
I was just minutes after we had said "Yes" and signed all the legal documents. 
We put him into our car and drove away. He was very confused and his appearance was rugged:

4. His previous owner has passed away and Šarik was left behind without a human. 
That said, he is not a street stray or anything. 
He is just this country gentleman, who needed some love:

5. After one and half hour (!) at the grooming salon we have now this handsome Šarik:

6. I introduced Šarik to our dearest ones and my family dog Tibi,
who came to our life when I was just twelve years old: 

7. Step by step we are trying to get to know each-other. Combining my full time job and studies with dog duties is tough, but we have never regretted our decision. Thanks to Fred and my grandparents we are giving Šarik as much love as possible. 
Shout out to all the single parents out there, you are superheroes! 

Now we can blame all our farts on him:

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