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Monday, January 28, 2019

From Australia to Estonia. From Liimer to Davies.

My friend Pamela moved to Australia many years ago. Cannot blame her really, because the favourite part of winter is when it's over. Warmer climate warmed up Pamela's heart (she is not coldhearted, but Estonia is bloody freezing) and she met a boy there, who was koalafied to love her.

This is a story about a surprise wedding and 
how Pamela's name finally makes sense.

These three classmates had not been in the same room for 12 (?!) years:

In Australia fireworks are banned with minor exceptions.
In Estonia – fireworks, fireworks everywhere:

Neighbours did not call the police and Pamela got married.
It was win-win situation that day:

Dogs have an important part of Pamela's life,
so I could not imagine the wedding cake any other way:

That moment when you see Pamela in real life not through computer screen:

"So you are trying to tell me that everything is vegan here???":

It needs a lot of trust to manage sharp objects together...

...they were unsure at first...

...but succeeded splendidly:  

99% of child's awesomeness comes from the superstar grandmothers.
Just saying:

The tie was the showstopper:

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Davies! 

12 years ago we were less married and less old.

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