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Thursday, March 28, 2019

U, S & A - Phoenix, Sedona, San Francisco

Hello, my long lost friend! How do you like the new look? Fred thought that the old retro design was such a disgrace to our IT family. Also, my blog became 10 years old, so it was about time this polish this turd.

The best way to break the silence is with my work-trip to the States *giggles like a happy little kid*. This time I breathed the American Oxygen at the west coast and it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

Look, Mom! This is America!

We started our long journey at the sunrise and we continued to chase the sun,
so it was longest 10th of March I have ever had:

The route from Chicago to Phoenix gave
us cross-section of the terrain and some pretty patterns:

Mother Earth is bitchin':

There was ice, there was fire: 

After being awake 30h, we finally arrived to Phoenix
and 10th of March finally came to an end:

Popping some anti-jetlag-pills payed off
and the beauty sleep was fully downloaded:

*read with melody, sing it out loud*

Phoenix was full of cowboys...:

...and Baltic Queens:

Phoenix is in the south, near the Mexican border.
In the south people only drive from A to B, so the lack of pavements and 
the need to UBER for 700 metres was ridiculous:

Alright, can't complain really, since it was 25 degrees:

Bye-bye Phoenix,
Hello new adventures:

Mexican food.
Mexican food everywhere:

This is Sedona, 
also known as my office for a week:

Looking all professional like I have crashed a wedding:

Got the witness the swim-classes for zebras:

Did not know that it could rain that much in the desert:

Quite satisfying hotel view:

"Oh, wait! There might be some blue sky...oh, nevermind":

The wild wild west:

Ladies and gentlemen, please give a round of an applause for the loveliest travel companion. 
Half zebra, half amazon:

The true desert jewel:

When pre-heated pool seems to be the greatest invention of all time:

Even the Mordor clouds could not take the bliss away:

My colleague showing which way is Europe: 

Yes, this is my basic hike outfit.
I am just that casual:

New day, new level of fogginess:

However, Maggie Rogers sung the sun out:


(seems like we were at the Miss World competition):

Then it was time to go back to Phoenix
and I managed to get a little sunburn (basic white girl as I am):

This is the happiest and most summerish outfit I own:

Let's just embrace how cool I look wearing sunglasses indoors
and how much I love my work:

Due to massive snowstorm in the middle of USA the airport was chaotic.
Delayed. Cancelled. Unknown status. Btw Trump, the climate change is real. 

Suddenly we found ourselves stuck in San Francisco with no luggage.
But we truly turned negatives into positives:

Extra 24h in the USA well spent:

Hands down, San Francisco is my favourite city in the US
*booing new ticket as we speak*:


The mountainous city, where automatic gear is a must.
Basic white girl, who desperately needs sunscreen.
Know your essentials!:

I finally got to fulfil my "Full House" dream
Whatever happened to predictability?
The milkman, the paper boy, evening TV
How did I get delivered here?:

Look at this lucky bastard:

Bye, bye. It was a pleasure, but I miss Europe:

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