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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Graduation of talented adults

It is official, Wilma now has a master's degree in Circus!

First, I made a resolution in 2019 and it morphed into 95 pages of smart talk:

Then I had to trick people into thinking that I wrote a bitchin' text.
Here I am, just seconds after my 30 minutes of thesis defence, with my heart giving a flat line:

Then the pulse came back and I understood that the effort paid off!

It turned out that I graduated with honours and 
I GOT A FREE BOOK FOR THAT (such much big wins!):

Actually the big success came on my graduation day,
since I did not fall face first:

"Flowers, man! I love them, man!"

I was so happy that I was farting rainbows:

Planning the next crazy step in my life that would burn all my nerves and will to live:

That is one sweaty photographer:

The paper that says "Wilma has brains":

Hands down, my fellow students were truly inspirational
and we pulled each other through this hell:

The queens of discourse:

The new communications agency KOM ZEN will be offering its services soon.
We will create communications strategies while doing yoga and keeping it chill:

I cried and said "I can't do it"
He always responded "Yes, you can"
He might have dropped out from his master studies, but half of my diploma is his:

Meet Tibi, she has been around since my 6th grade.
He has seen me graduate elementary and secondary school, bachelor's and master's level.

Yes, I am wearing full H&M and I feel like million bucks:

PhD here I come!

A week later, the president invited me over:

I told the president that I thought that barberry and rhubarb are the same thing.
She was like "Why did we invite you?!"

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